Kwesi Kyei Darkwa who is standing trial for rape failed to appear in court due to a medical appointment on Thursday.


The Court has again, adjourned the case to to February 18 2015.
Counsel for KKD, Tony Forson was represented by Susana Nyarkoa who told the court that KKD went to see a Clinical Psychologist on Tuesday after his medical review on Wednesday.
A 19-year-old lady, Ewuraeffe Orleans Thompson accused KKD of rape in December 2014 which sent the fashion icon to jail, which KKD earlier confessed to having had sex with Effe which was a consensual sex..
However, investigations leading to KKD vs Effe rape saga, African Regent hotel (the hotel where the incident happened as released by the CCTV footage of KKD and Effe both inside the hotel kissing, before going inside the room for main action..
Effe has however denied interest in the rape case and has written to withdraw the case she filed against KKD from court.
KKD on the other hand apologized to Effe publicly but the STATE has refused to set KKD to be a free-man, reason being, criminal cases can?t be withdrawn from court even if the victim shows no interest, but the State has taken over the case.



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