The Caribbean is a very popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. The vast range of Caribbean cruises and resorts gives tourists many options so they can decide on the vacation that suits them the best. There are a number of benefits of tourism in the Caribbean both for holidaymakers and locals these include:


The tourism industry in the Caribbean is very simple due to the majority of holidaymakers deciding to take up the all-inclusive vacation packages. Due to the fact that planning holidays to the Caribbean takes up a massive amount of time, most Caribbean tourists decide to stay in all-inclusive resorts, where packages can be provided that cover all accommodation and meals for a set price.


Caribbean tourism also provides another benefit through the fact that there is a wide selection of activities available to tourists.

For tourists wishing to chill out during their holidays there are beaches, swimming pools, fine dining and low-key nightlife. For those more adventurous tourists, there are loads of outdoor activities like tennis, hiking and water sports.

Economic Advantages

There are major economic advantages to be gained from tourism for the islands. Given the fact that there are few natural resources, Caribbean locals are heavily dependent on tourism to provide them with their income. The staff at resorts who provide services to tourists are most likely to feel the economic impact if there is an decrease in tourist numbers and gain economically when there is an increase in tourism.


Another major benefit of tourism in the Caribbean is the fact that there are opportunities to spend time in a natural setting.

The majority of the islands are not heavily developed and the problems like air and noise pollution are rarely present. Tourists that come from major cities are very appreciative of the Caribbean’s peaceful environment.

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