Anny Osabutey writes: Why is Ghana Gas always undergoing maintenance despite not providing anything near what’s required to fix dumsor?
Ghana-Gas-siteThe question attracted many comments.
Please read the ensuing chat below:
Manye Adwoa Rebekah JessicaManye Adwoa Rebekah Jessica Anny, pls I want to know when d atuabo was commissioned and how long has it been working, cos in d letter they say its been working for 8000 hrs that is 333.33333 days. How true is it
Manye Adwoa Rebekah Jessica My hometown man, pls investigate this for me

Theresa Wemegah
Theresa Wemegah @ Manye Adwoa Rebekah Jessica I think that is public information. Try Google.

Obeng-anim Thomas
 Obeng-anim Thomas The machines they are using was manufactured in 1947 and it worn out in 1997. It had a life span of 50 yrs. I want the government propagandists to throw a challenges.
Joe Anim
 Joe Anim That’s what you get from china
Mike Gabo Oquaye
 Mike Gabo Oquaye Saytay!
Michael Ablorh
 Michael Ablorh Cos they hope to be applauded for ‘good culture of maintenance. Lols
Joseph Kwadwo Afari-Yeboah Joseph Kwadwo Afari-Yeboah It’s only obvious someone has an agenda under the disguise of maintenance
Muctari Amadu
 Muctari Amadu It is an excuse to take us back to the good old DUMsor.. ..
Joseph Kwadwo Afari-Yeboah
 Joseph Kwadwo Afari-Yeboah Atuabo from construction till now has been a wasteful venture and avenue for stealing
Theresa Wemegah
 Theresa Wemegah Wow. I can’t believe what in reading here. So is this how u guys analyse issues? Wow. Without even reading to know the facts? Anny Osabutey? I have always been under the impression that u always read to get your facts before commenting oo. Anyways.
Anny Osabutey
 Anny Osabutey When you decide to stick the facts in the office, you don’t expect the public to be running after them, right? How many times hasn’t that gas plant gone under maintenance in a year alone? If whoever is in charge is truthful and can tell Ghanaians what exactly is the problem, then people will not, or they want people to use drones to come and fish for information? Naaaa. We are better off thank this Shambolic excuses, sweetheart.
Theresa Wemegah Theresa Wemegah Had it not been the fact that I work here, I wud have believed u as usual. I am totally shocked and amazed. Wow?
Anny Osabutey
 Anny Osabutey So, what exactly is happening to the planet that needs maintenance almost anytime that it’s in the news? I can count more than 4 in 2015 alone
Theresa Wemegah
 Theresa Wemegah Anny Osabutey this is the second maintenance and it is a requirement from the manufacturer. Besides u r the same guys who will complain when the plant is not properly maintained.
Fiona Asiedu
 Fiona Asiedu Anny i tell you we are on the same brain wave! lol
I have a feeling “scheduled maintenance” is the new code word for… gas don finish!

Anny Osabutey
Anny Osabutey Either the plants are some crawling machines or whatever, we got to be told the truth. Even a 1950 toy machine doesn’t need that much maintenance
Fiona Asiedu
Fiona Asiedu Besides that, how is it that other places manage to undergo so called scheduled maintenance of their plants without experiencing dumsor?? Hmm… Its up to them. I think im at the point where i simply assume every statement from govt is at least 70% fallacy. How sad is that?
Alfred Ogbamey
 Alfred Ogbamey Anny Osabutey, I am saddened by your question. You know why? The question is baseless. It has no basis in fact whatsoever. 
Can you tell us how many times you have heard and confirmed, as a journalist, that Ghana Gas has undergone maintenance? And what do you mean not producing anywhere near what is necessary to fix dumsor?
Bro, you are a very good friend. I’d give an advice. Let’s all strive to get some education on issues before we speak to them, lest we look out of our depth. Thanks.

Afred Ogbamey If you are however sure of your claims, let’s debate them. I’m ready. Remember, when l told you Manasseh’s story on Ghana Gas was the “most incompetent story by a competent journalist I’d ever read?” Do you realise that after “the first in the series by Manasseh Azure Awuni”, JOY FM stopped running the stories. Things you read sometimes ain’t what they seem. And you of all people need to know that.

Anny Osabutey
 Anny Osabutey Alfred Ogbamey well, am not ready to debate you on anything, trust me, and I don’t see why the need to drag in Azure and Joyfm issues here, bros. So if things we read ain’t what they seem, then what is the exact truth about the gas plant in relation to the power crisis we are experiencing? I honestly don’t think debating you will resolve anything, if you have the facts you put it out there. At the end of the day the business owner wants to know when he’s going to get power to run his business. Thanks, senior
Alfred Ogbamey
 Alfred Ogbamey Yes Anny. Because your question is grounded on an authoritative assertion. We need to probe that assertion to come to the truth. It is that false assertion that has misled people to make claims of 1940s plants being installed at Atuabo, etc. Let’s debate them and learn. I’m ready. 
Let me rephrase my question.
1. Are you sure Ghana Gas is always undergoing maintenance?
2. Are you sure that the maintenance goes on despite not providing anything near what’s required to fix dumsor?

Anny Osabutey
 Anny Osabutey I don’t think people are interested in any debate. It will help all of us if your outfit puts out the exact issue with atuabo, it will help all of us, trust me. It’s not about me engaging you in a debate cos it resolves nothing. You believe my question is baseless and since you have the facts, why don’t you put it out for the general public, senior? Thanks
Alfred Ogbamey The facts are already out in the media and on social media. You have chosen not to search for them. Maybe, you’ve been busy with academic work. But don’t ask me to keep giving out facts that that are already out. That means I’d have to give the same facts out over and over again anytime one ask.
Alfred Ogbamey
 Alfred Ogbamey Besides you also have an obligation, as a credible journo, to search and put out credible info and not ask baseless questions just because you can. That may fall within the remit of ordinary folks, not an award winning journalist like Anny Osabutey.
Anny Osabutey Yeah been busy with academic work but also keep an eye on things, especially where it has to do with my country. If you say the facts are out, fair enough. The back and forth, like I said, will offer nothing to the Ghanaian going through the challenges. And remember that when people put stuff out on social media or anywhere, is not done out of malice but just that people want to know the truth. If you say the truth is out there on social media and in the public, then I leave it as it is
Alfred Ogbamey
 Alfred Ogbamey Note this. I only write on social media when I’m relaxed. I’m in no angry mood at all. But l also know that social media has become a tool for misinformation. And when folks like you contribute to that misinformation, it’s problematic. I’m glad we’re square. Thanks. Enjoy your day and have a good year.
Source-Anny Osabutey’s Facebook Wall


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