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If anyone has been wondering why actress, Martha Ankomah, has not been appearing in a lot of movies lately, it is because she is being very selective with the kind of movies she plays in.

In an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Martha explained that growing up in the movie industry, she was quick to appear in any movie that came her way but she has grown past that. ?There are some movies I have done in the past that I watch today and ask myself if I really did that,?? she said.

Martha said she is not limiting herself to the kind of roles she plays but just wants to ensure that whatever production she involves herself in is a top-notch one.

?As an actress, I must be versatile so it is not so much the kind of role I play but how good the script is and the positive impact it will have on society, the story line must be very good.??

Martha said she did not mind playing a bad girl role as long as the character turns over a new leaf and has some good lessons for viewers and not a bad girl who just remains bad till the end of the movie.

She recently returned from Nigeria where she did one of such very good productions along with Bob Manuel and a couple of stars. She said the movie was shot in Enugu State and it went very well and she is looking forward to the premiere.

Martha also did another production here in Ghana for an American producer and she played alongside Majid Michel and Shatta Wale. ?It was directed by Ikechukwu Nneka from Nigeria and I believe it will be another very good production. I have other premieres coming up,?? she said.

The pretty actress contended that it is not easy getting good scripts and that some producers get offended when she turns down their scripts and ask them to go and work on them, ?rejecting scripts means losing money but God has been good.??

She said it was about time the media encouraged producers to come out with good movies and government should also support the movie industry as is done in other countries, ?governments in other countries really support their movie industry but it is not the same in Ghana that is why you now see most actors shooting their own movies.?

Martha revealed that away from movies, she had been assisting children living with autism in her own small way. She donated foodstuffs to support their December Party last year. Being the face of Vitamilk Viora, she also got Vitamilk to sponsor their walk this Easter.

?I have been helping them from time to time, I do that together with Mamaga, the ambassador for autism. We had a successful walk during Easter to raise funds for the children and we had a lot of support.?

Besides these activities, Martha runs a beauty parlour at Tesano in Accra where they see to the beauty needs of their customers under the slogan, ?we give you that unique look that you need.?

Source: Daily Graphic


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