No sooner had one joined the NDC party in whichever capacity than the person loses their integrity. They become enemies of credibility but friends with corruption, lies and insatiable greed. They shamelessly go on any offered platform, be they the airwaves, publicly mounted political rallies, or traditional durbars, to vociferously applaud the silliness of their party, their government policies, while in the same vein, venting their venomous insanity on their political rivals.
It is only a fool, who in pursuit of their selfish aspirations to acquire wealth by the usual NDC ?create, loot and share? schemes that will applaud the recent ?we will, we shall, do this and that? budget for 2014.
I always hear the NDC Presidents with their sycophantic ignoramuses saying, we have done this project; we are doing this project, and we will do that project.
However, they are unable to indicate where all these projects are when pushed hard in our efforts to ascertain the truth about their preposterous assertions. They are all propaganda meant to show their disrespect for Ghanaians. As long as nobody is well positioned enough to kick them in the arse, this bunch of mediocre persons in government will continue to fool Ghanaians.
Is it any strange thing to see an NDC MP goes on air to praise the NDC government, or the Finance Minister – Mr Seth Terkper, ?for the ?Boys abre, Girls abre? budget read to the public on Monday, 19 November 2012? I hope not.
I have heard some of the NDC naive MPs go on air to claim that the ?Terkper budget? is the best ever budget made in the history of Ghana. I laughed my heard off when I heard it. It shows the level of their low intelligence, lack of truth and the high level of their ?yeah yeah? unison in concurring with their party policies no matter how irresponsible they may be.
The NDC MPs are not in Parliament to defend or represent their constituents effectively. They are there only to concur with the established corruptible policies espoused by their government and party.
Do they not support Alfred Agbesi Woyome swindling Ghana of Ghc51.2 Million through collusion with some NDC bigwigs in government? They do, else, they would have come out in their numbers to condemn it. I hope they will not come out to depict their ignorance by saying that the case is being dealt in court so they have no right to discuss it in public. That will sound bullshit in my ears.? Do they not see the trick the Attorney General with her State Attorneys is playing to let Woyome off the hook? The needless incessant requests for adjournments or going to Court late in which case the date for hearing keeps being deferred? Come on guys!
When will those in the NDC prove themselves responsible? Do they think by stupidly embezzling public funds is how one is assessed and credited with success? I say, shame on them. A day of reckoning is coming when they will all cry Moo Moo, mark my words. Ghanaians will not permanently stay dumb as they think. We shall wise up if they think we are nincompoops.


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