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ghana education service

educationThe decision or choice we make today will determine the outcome of our education tomorrow. If Government, politicians and educationist want to make a choice that concerns our education it is imperative that they weigh the options available thoroughly and choose the one that can be beneficial in future.

?To the best of my knowledge ?Education is the only modern vehicle that can send us to our destination or the only weapon for we the poor and the rich to break even and as such Governments, politicians and educationist must not gamble at all with it because the growth and survival of mother Ghana?s tomorrow lies in the hands of the younger generation. Successive governments,Politicians and educationist must be blamed for the rot, decay and fallen standard of the nation?s education.

The three tiers of government had failed in their statutory role of providing quality education for the citizens of Ghana. They have failed in their supervisory role in the education sector. When you look at the environment of some public schools you would be appalled. A typical example is the unhygienic nature Tanoso Anglican Basic School finds itself in whereby pupils, students and their teachers had been driven away from their classrooms due to bad scent from a nearby public toilet.

Most schools, particularly private ones are just means of meal ticket for their proprietors. We are having more children but we are not providing enough facilities to cater for them.The private organizations that were supposed to rescue the situation had also joined the fray by compromising standard because Government had failed to make adequate resources available to the public schools.

Investment on the education of our younger generation by the government and our politicians could never be a waste because they are our future leaders to take mother Ghana to the Promised Land. ?Education should not be taken lightly at all particularly at the child?s formative stage by those at the helm of affairs because it is a serious business and there is no room for it being treated like concert party show or beauty pageant.

GOD in his own wisdom does not want our leaders to make comparisons by saying the value of our mineral resources come nowhere near oil other countries have that is why he has finally blessed Ghana with oil .Today they have no excuse if they sit down unconcern for our education to collapse. The likes of Cuba, Brazil, France, Italy,Scotland, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and many others knew?Education is the only pathway to success and excellence in life that is why they thought it wise to use their resources to invest in giving back to its citizens free and quality education. Government and Politicians must remember someday God will judge them not according to the huge donations they gave to Ministers of the gospel or Imams but God will judge them according to the way they managed his natural resources if they managed them well to the benefit of all Ghanaians or only their families and party members.

As a matter of fact, I cherished the old elementary education all our Governments, Politicians and Educationist went through as one of the best elementary education system in the world in terms of discipline, good morals, character and academics. Majority of our politicians who had benefited from the old elementary system have deliberately decided to punish our younger generation with their political interest not considering the adverse effect it will have on them.

Today Politicians are even playing politics with the years to be spent in the Senior High School and that is the reason why we are going to have two (2) batches of about 409,753 students writing this year?s WASSCE at the same time not considering how many government tertiary and University Institutions that will accommodate these huge number of students who will qualify.

They have overburdened parents and teachers because parents have to over spend on their wards education and the time teachers had to use to rest during vacation period to mark students examination papers and to record marks in the terminal reports they had to sacrifice in order to teach these SHS students whom they have taken as GUINEA PIGS for their experiment.

I have been itching to ask what is wrong with our educational policies and how our policy makers value it. They are only good at writing proposals but how to implement and execute it effectively is their problem. It is laudable bringing ICT to our educational curriculum but my worry is that they failed to organize INSET for teachers at the basic level and if I may ask, how can you give what you don?t have?

Surprisingly these same people sit in the comfort of their offices and homes and complain ?private schools are performing better than the public schools whilst teachers in the private schools are teaching in a conducive environment those in the public schools are teaching under? un-conducive environment where bad scent from public toilets, lunatics entering the classrooms at any point in time,wee smokers smoking around the classrooms and unnecessary noise from the community is the order of the day.

Teachers in the public schools need hundred percent (100%) attention, and the atmosphere for learning must be absolutely fool-proof. Go to many public Basic schools you will notice there are insufficient textbooks and English reading books for pupils.

Teachers had to write passages on the chalkboard because they cannot share only five (5) English reading books to over forty (40) pupils in class. Can this be seen in private schools?

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