Venatius Chukwudum Oforka is a Nigerian who has had the opportunity to live and work in the hinterlands of Africa as a Catholic pastor. He has encountered poverty and its gruesome consequences.

African Map
African Map

He has seen people suffer and die when they should not, simply because of poverty. He has since then been haunted by the question: ‘Why is it so for Africa?’ This question prompted him to write “The Bleeding Continent-How Africa Became Impoverished and Why It Remains Poor” (published by Xlibris).

This book tells the painful story of how Africa became poor and how this condition of poverty has been aggravated and sustained. It tells the story of centuries of vicious trade in human wares, destabilizing, exploitative and impoverishing colonialism and virulent Cold War antics. However, it perceives these external factors which have unleashed the dialectics of poverty in Africa as the orbital causes of poverty. Its main focus is on the internal predation and banditry that also exist, and account for the major reason Africa remains poor today. This book reveals therefore, how the choice of political institutions and the activities of political leaders and the elites in Africa have combined with external predatory factors and few adverse natural causes to make the fate of Africa appear fatalistic and inexorable.

“Poverty is a human condition and it devalues humanity,” Oforka explains. “The case of Africa is peculiar because of its unenviable history, which is intrinsically tied to its tale of extreme poverty and backwardness in the 21st century. This story is told in a new style and perspective, focusing more on the role Africa has played in impoverishing itself.”

“The Bleeding Continent” hopes to make readers understand and realize the deplorable state of Africa today, how it was handed to this cul-de-sac, how it has become trapped in poverty, how this condition has been sustained and how political sadism has continued in this continent. Oforka believes these information are necessary to seek the right solution to the problem of Africa, which beckons on urgent socio-political reform in African states. Against this backdrop, Oforka contends that only Africa can help Africa and excludes the on-going aid to Africa as a solution to the poverty of Africa.

By Venatius Chukwudum Oforka


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