John Dumelo left London on Thursday’s night after our lil hangout to be able to make it to the grand premiere of chapter 10 of ‘Adams Apples’ on Friday. He did not disappoint his fans with the casual  grey suit appearance…

Talented Ghanaian Actor Adjetey ‘Pusher’ Anang who was also at the premiere opted for the strict gentleman red carpet appearance. Rocking a black suit and a black bow tie, he too did not disappoint the fans.( He seems to be the only one who did put an effort as the others look like they could not be REALLY bothered).

Fred Kanebi also went for the all black casual suit look but thought his phone is so posh  and important that he could not put the damn phone in his pocket when posing for shots (one of my peeves).

For some reason, the men seem to get their fashion right more often than the women. Except if you are a man called KOD…LOl.

Anyway, which of the two are you feeling? John Dumelo, Adjetey Anang or Fred Kanebi?

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