[Yet To Be Confirmed] The Big brother Africa The Chase, whose winner is expected to be named before the end of the day has brought a news that is not yet known to the world but to the management and organisers of the show. The manager of the foreign bank account in which the big brother Africa the chase prize-money is kept, allegedly called yesterday night asking why the money has been withdrawn even before the end of the show instead of the initial plan to transfer it to the account of the winner.

This news took the whole organisers of BBA the chase by surprise, such that immediately they got the news,the cameras which were meant to be going around, stayed on a spot for up to 1hr, showing an empty sitting room. This weird occurrence was what pushed FNN to make further investigations, which eventually yielded a good result but a bad news of the missing money.

According to our source (name withheld), the bank is said to be doing a thorough investigation,so as to know what happened and whose account the money has been transferred to and while the investigation is on, the show will end today but BBA will have to be owing the winner. Plans have been made that if the money is not seen, the winner will be paid in installments within a year.

Meanwhile,FNN is wishing Dillish, Cleo, Elikem, Melvin and Beverly, best of luck.

[Source: BBAwebsite]


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