Ansu Kyeremeh

Irately, the lady caller to a television programme was emphatic that ?he must resign.? She did not say ?he should resign;? assuming that would have watered down or raised the gravity of her statement.

She was in no mood, though, to compromise because she spoke those words in a very frustrated tone. Combatively blunt was her commentary on a planned ?occupy? demo at government headquarters.

In her view, nothing was working well in the motherland. She wasn?t, and isn?t, alone in the ?nk? yie cry.

For another lady had pleaded in a private conversation: ?Enti papa yi mo ntumi nny? biabiara impiichi no? (So can?t you guys impeach the man?). She should have also been aware of the impending demo because she added: ?Mo mp? nkurofo? ny? dede!?

She would be glad with the ?occupy? demo on motherland?s day, July 1. Based in Kumasi, she could not have joined the ?occupy? dede. Luckily, there were nkurofo? to make the dede she could not make for her.

She, an Owoahene, is mother of three struggling on a public service pittance of a salary which is hardly regular. As she spoke, the AG had issued a statement that salaries due June 26 were to be paid on June 30. A day after that, people had still not been paid.

The thinking, widely spread among my compatriots including the two ladies, is that nothing is working. Nne?ma nnk? yie. From past experiences, living conditions are so bad they couldn?t be worse. Conclusively, the ?nk? yie compatriots cannot see anything that could be done to correct the many wrongs that are causing the hardships. Short of changing the leadership, everyone in the name of the motherland is doomed to suffer.

Key actors in the botched revolution, which could never have been a revolution, seem to be similarly in agreement with the change thing. Kwesi Botchwey and Assassie Gyimah feel it even if they haven?t said it in so many words.

Everyone wishes there was some magic to uproot and sow and not transplant.

On motherland?s 54th birthday, the most important news Daily Graphic had for my compatriots was the front page headline: ?Cash and Carry is Back.? Killer cash and carry, evil cash and carry is back. It is what those who voted for a lying congress and the supreme adjudicators who helped them steal the elections are being paid in lieu of the one-time premium promise.

It is a true mark of congress of retrogression. After Kufuor has worked so hard to introduce the NHIS, evil congress has managed callously to renege it and bring back the cash and carry. Cash and carry turned the Korle-Bu establishment and other health facilities across the country into mortuaries where people who dared go look for cure for their ailments were driven to death for lack of money to pay before being attended to.

Congresspeople know only what they know. With economics, it is IMF or no strategy. And with health it is cash and carry or death.

Thankfully, we, the anti-coup of the motherland, are gratified, and indeed it is wonderful no one is talking the taboo, a Coup d?etat.

But for dede, Assassie Gyimah and others of the false revolution congress like him latently support it. They wouldn?t mind if a lot of my compatriots would make lots of dede. Frankly, they most probably wouldn?t mind if the dede would be so ear piercing and loud that someone will say I have resigned.

What a day that would be. That would be the beginning of a real democratic governance practice in which no one will dare steal elections. Because then they would realise that you would not be successful if you stole elections, and therefore, no need to steal elections.

The Black Stars World Cup fiasco has created a degrading motherland image that is possibly irredeemable. The ugly scenes and stories are etched deep down in people?s subconscious memory. A soul searching leader will introspect and resign. He will not wait for any woman calling into a TV programme to tell him to do that.

KP Boateng may have said things he shouldn?t have and deserves the punishment meted out to him. However, his concern about praying is legitimate and needs urgent attention. No rational person using the brain God spent so much time to design and develop to separate human from beast should claim to be praying to the maker 99.9% of the time and hope the maker will have mercy upon him to succeed. The maker would wish you failure and get you off his back.

Success is in hard, hard work and not ceaseless prayer that leaves no time for work. That is the teaching.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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