A newly appointed World Health Organization (WHO) Representative for the fight against polio in Africa, Dr. Jacob Simon Barnor has told the Ghana AIDS Commission to stop sabotaging COA FS and rather support it to gain international recognition as a potential cure for HIV and AIDS.

He was speaking to KofiTV at a farewell party organized for him by Noguchi Memorial Centre for Medical Research as he leaves the centre to take up the new role with WHO as Lead for Polio control in Africa.

Dr. Barnor was the same Scientist who conducted the first in vitro (test tube) test on COA FS at Noguchi and found that COA FS was actually efficacious against HIV in a test tube.

He then went public and endorsed COA FS as a potential cure for HIV and indeed other viral diseases, adding that with proper in vivo (clinical) test, COA FS could be the global drug of choice for the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Following his findings and subsequent public endorsement of COA FS, the Ghana AIDS Commission and its collaborators have rather been up in arms against the drug, claiming it is not even an immune booster, contrary to what the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) said about the drug.

The FDA confirmed, in its approval letter for COA FS, that the drug is an immune support drug, and yet Ghana AIDS Commission, without conducting any test, made claims to the contrary, but FDA debunked their claims immediately and re-confirmed that COA FS is an immune booster.

The drug also went through toxicology (safety) test at the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine at Mampong, and further in vitro and clinical tests at the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, and was proven safe for human consumption and efficacious against HIV in humans respectively.

The WHO Scientist confirmed his findings again, saying that COA FS does not only destroy the virus in the blood stream, but also smokes the hidden viruses from the body tissues into the blood stream and destroys them.

“The only way to fight HIV and other viruses effectively is to find a drug that is able to smoke them out of the tissues into the blood stream and flush them out, and that is exactly what COA FS does,” he said.

Despite all these findings by respected professionals in high profile research institutions, Ghana AIDS Commission and its collaborators are out there running the drug down in favor of antiretroviral drugs from abroad.

Dr. Barnor is therefore urging the Commission and its collaborators in the fight against HIV to “quit the pull-him-down posture against COA FS and rather put your weight behind it and push it as a potential cure for HIV globally.”

He said the only way for international health organizations like the WHO to show interest in a drug is for the country of origin of the drug to show commitment to backing it, and in this case, the Ghana AIDS Commission and the Ghana Health Service have a key role to play.

“Let’s quit this mentality that a private local scientist will make money from the drug so we won’t back it – we are rather harming ourselves because the drugs we administer to HIV patients today were backed by the governments and institutions of their home countries,” he said.

He also noted that today loads of herbal medicine from China are flooding the Ghanaian market all because the Chinese government and institutions backed those drugs so it is important for Ghana government and its agencies to do same.

Dr. Barnor said the efficacy of COA FS against HIV and other virus that cause cancers, diabetes, hepatitis and other diseases is not doubt at all because it has a high level tritapents, which is hardly found in any drug.

“I personally decided to try COA FS on my diabetes and today my blood sugar level has normalized as if I never had diabetes – the drug is working and it is important for us to actively back it as a country,” he said.

He is confident that COA FS has the potential to be a major export from Ghana and can compete with even gold, cocoa and oil if only government, through the GHS and GAC led the clinical test and international push.

“GHS must commission the clinical test and GAC must encourage the HIV patients they work with to participate in the clinical tests so we can get the evidence needed to push the drug as a cure for HIV and indeed many other viral diseases,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adom News gathered that following an article about the AIDS Commission and GHS’s negative posturing on the drug, the Commission has invited the drug manufacturer, Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan to meet and discuss a way forward.

Noguchi is also said to have showed interest in carrying out clinical test on the drug.

Moreover, copies of documents on the research findings on the drug have also been submitted to the office of the President, hopefully to trigger the necessary state backing from the very top.

Source: Samuel Dowuona


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