All manner of faceless people are parading on social media as humans with intentions that can best be described as wicked and wild.

Why Am I saying this?

Why would an opinion of somebody illicit so much hatred from another to the extent of threats and insults as if Ghana has lost all its cultural values.

Manasseh Azure wrote an opinion on his facebook wall which was also shared by Kenneth Ashigbey: Why is the Africa CEOs conference being held in Europe? The over 1000 participants will book hotels, eat, shop and move around. So much cash will be invested in Geneva. Why not an African city? Is this rocket science or common sense? Or something I am missing?

A faceless Nana Kwame decided to share his opinion in response.
And this is what he shared: Why did you choose to do your wedding at Aburi gardens and not your local village, where otabil and others could see the deprived nature of your people. And use your wedding to inspire the up and coming youth to aim high like u. Probably that local plantain sellers goods could be purchased by the city dwellers. Is this rocket science or common sense or something I am missing??
What is my beef?
I am worried. I am worried. I am worried.
Nobody is saying that, when you post a message on your wall, nobody can respond or share a divergent view on it.
I am worried because it appears there are many Facebook friends of Manasseh including journalists who are hiding behind the friendship to attack him at the least opportunity.
Ken was not attacked or insulted.
Others commented on this post without insults.
I understand last year it was held in Abidjan. The participants are not only African CEOs.
Pearl Asiamah believes that, ”African CEOs” does not mean the entities are African. According to her, most of these entities are European.
Secondly these entities do not do business by themselves, their main partners are Europeans and North Americans…
This is not a conference of African head of states where they are all Africans.
Dela Anikla writes that, Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world so why hold the summit there in the first place. We moan about not having enough but we spend the little we have lavishly. Nana Kwame’s reply was a personal attack and not an objective one to the issues Mannaseh raised.
Eno Akua Asiedua Ayim believes that there was no need for this reply from Manasseh ….this is below the belt….as a journalist you should always try to Tolerate and accept people’s views …you have open the doors for people to make jokes out of it ….ooo man I can see this small thing pain him paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
So if you want to make your point, can you do it devoid of insults, attacks and threats?
So Nana Faceless Kwame, please show your true face and come again.
Thank you.
Lyn Pasky