The wavering position of the New Patriotic Party leader Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo affirmative action leading to the primaries of the NPP has sent a signal of power struggle among the power blocks within the party. Nana Addo’s position to satisfy the agenda of the current 16 women Member of Parliament?s has fallen flat as the kingmakers of the party has to regroup to change the agenda of Nana which, the strategist within the party are optimistic this road map would heighten the internal tension and can likely call for skirt and blouse in the 2016 presidential elections. This can even degenerate into the springing up of independent candidates contesting the 2016 parliamentary elections.
wpid-npp1-300x211.jpgNana Addo?s role going into 2016 presidential elections is likely going to create divergent of ideas and re-emerging of the power blocks back into the party ranks and file. The role of Kuffour is very paramount as he can best be considered as the bank roller, while the role of the National Executive Committee working in tandem with Kuffour can affects the directives and position of the party. Since all power blocks and bank rollers stakes in the 2016 elections is very high as a result of secessionist plan in nurturing presidential ambition in case Nana Addo lost again to NDC in the 2012 elections.
Since Nana,s position on this affirmative action has send a signal that, Nana, has no choice than to bow down to NEC, Kuffour senior elders of the party and associates of Allan Kremateng whose directives he disregards in the last two previous elections in 2008 and 2012 where he lost to the late Proff. John Evans Atta Mills and President John Dramani Mahamah of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)
The road to victory for the NPP in the 2016 elections is likely going to suffer a huge set back on these underlining issues; power blocks, political financiers/party leaders role and the responsibility of the NEC in composition of the national campaign team.
The u-turn of the party on a major decision taken at the national executive meeting on affirmative action and finally communicated to the public and within the period of 24hours the party supporting base go hare wire is unfortunate and has shows a weakness in the position of the national party executive, where the leader of the party dictatorship has been shot down with had criticism and thought provoking comments been describe by Kweku Baako the Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide as a coward attitude.
The party has miss the opportunity on this major decision and in the near future the approach to this case would bring a characteristics of division within the ranks and file of the party to prescribe to internal fight and power struggle on any party decisions which could be good, but the power brokers can always set the agenda for the grassroots supporters to destroy the national focus of the campaign team and the executive of the party.
There is an internal inertia affecting a smooth operation of the party executive, where day in day out the current executive?s of the party is losing the respect since they take over the position after the Tamale election in a protest votes against Sir John and Jake Obetsebi Lamtey.
The Nana Addo?s 2016 presidential and parliamentary strategy and dynamics to win power as the supporting base of the party can perceive as a result of corruption, bad economic policy and insufficient electricity power supply can do the magic for the party to win political power come December 2016 is inevitable.
The acrimony that is likely going to characterise the NPP primaries is major stumbling block for the party to work in cohesion and in unity to fight a strong campaign to win power can also be describe as an illusion.
Though the National Democratic Congress is crippling on all its development manifesto promises, the party is definitely going to trumpet what they have work on for the period of four years to campaign vigorously to hold on to power back in the 2016 elections.
The likely events that is going to help the NDC in the next year elections is the dynamic team of the executives and the party campaign team/executives team work has a character of national cohesion and team spirit. The NDC as a party going in for an election always try to developed a strategy of plan A and B; this worked for them when the NDC government lost Proff. Mills and John Mahama was strategically brand and package to win or beat Nana Addo, without any second round contest of the presidential slot. Despite the result was contested in court, NDC as a party finally won the 2015 election
The NPP on the other hand find it very difficult to have a campaign team of national in character after the ex-president win power in 2000 election for the NPP, the party has suffered a huge collateral damage as a result of blocks and faction in the front of the grassroots, party high achy, and the national executive?s in all areas of party activities. It is on record that, as all political party suffered from all forms of factions and blocks, the NPP as party always suffer in management of internal party issues, in any forms it manifest.
The party position, going in for the 2016 election has to work along managing major internal issues and a mapping strategy that has to do with effective communication, new dynamics directing all arsenal towards in packaging Nana Addo to win the hearts and minds of Ghanaians as the best candidate to turn the fortune of this country into better socio economic development in restoring transparency in all sectors of the economy and restoring hope for national development.
There is the need for the party, the NPP to work on all, internal blocks factions and the arrogant political cash rollers to manage their utterances, to ride on a campaign team that has a colour of national in character else defeat is waiting for them, as the prepares for agenda 2020.
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Source: By: AYM Deku-Kukah
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