White BOY Obruni AzontoI read your article comparing Azonto to Gangnam style. I just wanted to say that Azonto DEFINITELY wins. Azonto is a real dance that actually requires skill. It’s a movement, not just a hilarious video that ended up going viral. I studied abroad in Ghana one year ago, and after being around Azonto so much, I fell in love with it. Though it took my a long time to learn, I picked up some basic moves and tried to dance around town and film peoples’ reactions.

Here’s what I made:?

Could anything like that ever happen if I went around dancing Gangnam style in Korea? I highly doubt it. Azonto is an amazing dance that has cultural meaning, brings people together, and makes people so happy.
Anyways, I love Ghana with passion, and Azonto, too. And, of course, fufu. So, perhaps I’m a little biased.
All the best,
Jeremy “Kwabena” Ginsburg


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