These India Tourism Packages ensure a desirable vacation for travellers who are really fascinated with India as one of the top tourist destinations across the world.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour is one of the famous tour packages preferred by tourists who visit India. Golden Triangle Tour has become a meaningful part of Tourism in India. Luxury Train Tours and Triangle Tour Packages are almost synonymous. Triangle Tour Packages are usually travelled through luxury Trains. Thus, they are almost synonymous to Luxury Train Tours. If you love to see real India travelling via luxury trains are ideal means to travel around the various cities and travel destinations in the country.

One of the famous tourist spots in North India is Jodhpur.

Various Jodhpur Tour Packages are available for discerning visitors to choose from. Jodhpur is also known as the ‘Sun City’ for its bright and sunny weather. Some also refer to it as the blue city’ especially because of its “Blue Painted Houses” around the famous “Mehrangarh Fort”. There are many tourists spots in Jodhpur where one would love to explore. Jodhpur Tour Packages cover all the famous tourist spots in this lovely town. Packages of Jodhpur are very much in demand among travellers from all across the world. If you want to visit the town, make sure that you consult a travel agent and make advance booking among the Packages of Jodhpur. Advance Booking of your trip saves times and also last minute hassle. One can also save a considerable amount of money by planning everything in advance and last minute rush is too much money consuming as well.

Another famous tourist destination in India is Leh. Favoured by a pleasant weather all round the year, Leh is a must visit for every traveller who wants to see real India and its diversities. Packages of Leh Tours are much sought after by Indian and foreign travellers in the country. The scenic beauties of the place favoured by a cool and pleasant weather are two main reasons that attract many tourists in Leh. If you want to explore the place, you have to pre-plan your tour consulting a travel agent. Many websites provide valuable information on Packages of Leh Tours. Go through the travel websites and choose the right package that suits your budget and time. Happy Touring!

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