Good Vs Evil it is in the battles for Justice, Fairness and the freedom of secure living for citizens of Akwa Ibom state and for the entire Nigerian nation. Nigerian politics has particularly been tainted with evil and the spilling of innocent blood. So it had been in places like United States of America, India, South Africa, Russia, France, Germany and many other now free democratic nations. The battles for rudimentary freedoms and justice had been fought against the forces of evil, AND WON!
In the annals of world history, evil – corruption, sycophancy, lies – has never defeated the forces which represent good – justice, fairness and truth!!
  In the world there have always been two forces struggling over what God had freely given to both; with the force of evil wanting to corner every wealth for itself, employing lies, murders, and intimidation of every kind;  while the forces for good speak for justice and sustain truth. From Biblical times many evil representatives with awesome power confronted even the tiniest good force to no avail – children of Jacob Vs their brother Joseph; Pharaoh Vs Moses, David Vs Goliath, Saul Vs David, Death Vs The Christ; and at each instance evil lost.
 It may serve as a warning to evil doers and supporters – corrupt and greedy officials of government, greedy and lying sycophants of the corrupt, false “men and women of god who preach falsehood – to remember that the evil representatives of this world  have never won a single war against representatives of good, viz  – Hitler’s mighty army Vs tiny Great Britain; Martin Luther King and his arm-less army of Freedom Fighters and Rights for the oppressed Vs the KKK and the might of a powerful establishment;  the mighty English Colonizers Vs tiny half-clad Gandhi of India;  apartheid and the “white supremacist establishments all over the world Vs the poorly-equipped,  poorly trained freedom fighters against apartheid led by Nelson Mandela. Today we can add the nations of the Arab world who have won freedom from oppressors to the list of victorious battles fought against evil forces by representatives of what is fair, just and Godly.
 The battle to shine freedom and justice in Akwa Ibom State for all citizens; particularly for the now-victimized-and-sold-out-by-treacherous-sons-and-daughters of Ibibio people continues;  and must continue till victory is won. AND win, we will; against all the forces of evil and darkness now threatening to envelope the land of Akwa Ibom State, nay Nigeria. One thing is certain – God always stands with the righteous – the representatives of goodness, no matter the multiude and might of the  un-righteous.  Let all,  therefore, who are on the side of justice and good stand firm on their quest for justice, truth and fairness. Victory, for them, had been ascertained from the beginning of time!!!
OduduAbasi Nick Edet


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