I have taken time to read through arguments for and against the sponsorship of some celebrities and sports fans to the world cup in Brazil and feel morally obliged to contribute to the discussion. Personally, I think we still are not getting our priorities right as a people, we underestimate or take lightly every situation which confronts us, our actions as individuals, corporate organizations or government represent thoughts of people who think manner must definitely drop from heaven to make us what we want to be.

I was very happy and spiritually elevated when the government placed a fiat on that idea of state sponsoring supporters to the world cup. Heaven they say help those who help themselves, and the scriptures teach us that different things emerge in different seasons. People may not agree with my position but honestly, I think we must begin taking stringent measures to stop such wasteful ventures like sponsoring people from our weak state coffers to watch football.

I want to ask the Youth and Sports Minister if he would have adopted same swiftness and plan to solicit funds to initiate internal programmes to better programmes for our youth or sports in the country or, has he diligently done comprehensive survey work to ascertain for himself problems facing sports and the youth in the country? Is he aware the fact that most of our sports grounds have been converted into building plots. Has his ministry done deep and comprehensive scientific study to know problems confronting our youth and have they adopted policies to support or reduce problems of our youth?

I think we must veer off this utopian approach in handling national issues. Instead of taking these celebrities to Brazil as icons or whatever, the Ministry can similarly use these icons to promote their internal programmes and, how many of these so called icons have channeled their talents and wealth acquired into establishing NGOs to support the efforts of the Ministry in propagating and implementing its policies. This time, it shouldn?t be what the state can do for you, but, what you can also do for the state. These iconic figures as you call them could have organized themselves from their own resources to go and support our boys thereby, paying back to society what they?ve gotten from us through our patronizing of their products.

The other point is, the more we engage ourselves in this fans sponsorship idea, the more we inculcate into our people that dangerous idea of always depending on the state in all they do and will turn to institute a policy of unreligious competition between parties as to who join the sponsorship deal and from which party. As we speak, we have some supporters of the ruling party, genuinely crying foul of neglect something which shouldn?t have happened at all since government has abstained itself from anything called sponsorship but, certain reckless decisions are rolling the government into this unfornate banter. My worry how we attach less attention to more relevant issues, issues which borders on practical matters concerning our development but ironically, approach these wasteful ventures with alacrity and serious attention.

Today, we all talking about environmental issues and the destructions brought on us by the rains meanwhile, go to the registrar Generals office to find out for yourself the number of NGOs registered to do environmental work in the country. How many of them support government in their private capacities to help find lasting solution to our environmental problems or join NADMO in giving relief items to victims of the floods or, vigorously battle those mining companies to stop their dangerous operations. These are issues we must concern ourselves as a people else, we shall be changing government after government without getting the key to open the room where our fortunes are kept.

Ending, let me commend the government and the NDC party for seeing the wisdom in staying off this sponsorship deal, my investigations confirm that at their NEC meeting, the party arrived on a consensus not to be part of sponsorship beneficiaries because of monies involve. We must always think of the nation first, it would have been demonic if the party had joined the sponsorship deal looking at the economic challenges facing the nation.

I will also commend the President for taking that bold decision, yes, some officials will definitely go, but, it wouldn?t be so massive as it used to be. I pray that the President continue exhibiting this attitude of modesty, people wouldn?t appreciate it because of the political message such attitudes send across but, posterity will surely praise him for changing the status quo.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow


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