Sarpong, Justice

Where is the ailing goalkeeper? The National Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman, Dr. Nii Armah Josiah Aryeh, has subtly referred to President Mills as an ailing goalkeeper who keeps conceding goals that should have been saved but will not allow the Coach to substitute him, a typical KONONGO KAYA attitude, he can’t do the job but will not allow a capable person to come and do that job. Folks, that might sound like a joke but that is the reality of this Mills administration. The Vultures circling around the Castle will not allow Mills to retire in peace because he is their meal ticket and will keep him around like an ‘AMELIA” at the castle as long as they can feed on him. Mills has no clue what is going on in the country because human instinct to preserve his survival is the mode Mills is in now. You can’t blame the man when his life is on the line and he has become a captive to his masters who will not allow him to resign in peace.

President Mills returned to Ghana from his ‘normal’ medical check up after his Doctors in Ghana have recommended him to seek a second opinion in USA, but in Mills ever changing use of the English lexicon, a second opinion after a routine medical check up is ‘normal’ medical check-up. Now can you blame our uneducated populace for blaming our so called PhD’s as having been the cause of our woes in society when they juggle words to dupe the People they are supposed to level with? A President that cannot even tell a simple truth like ‘I am going to USA for medical treatment’ but will rather play with words. How can you call yourself a Christian when telling a simple truth becomes a ‘gargantuan’ problem for you? How did your Doctors recommend that you go to USA to seek further help if they have not done the ‘normal’ check up already? This is really ‘juvenilistic’ when grown ups engage in childish words play.

The President came back from USA after a ten days ‘normal’ medical check up that energized and made him strong to jog on the tarmac of Kotoka International Airport to the admiration of the paid and bussed jorum drunk akpeteshie supporters in his Black suit with Black Italian loafers and silk blue tie in the heat of the scorching sun. Atta Mills said that he was ready to drive to the Castle and start working. I guess the steroids he was pumped with was still working then. Isn’t that a miracle? It is only Atta Mills who will get cured just by having his temperature and blood pressure checked. Atta Mills miraculous treatment of having just his medicals check up and being cured for whatever was ailing him rank second in my books to only the Jesus Christ conceivement by the Holy Ghost.

Enough about this, where is Mills now? He has been back for two weeks now and has not been seen in public except his cameo appearance at the NDC Party headqurters where he was subjected to body examination by ‘Dr. Asiedu Mosquito Nketiah. We also saw him at the Castle a week or so ago handing over 500,000 cedis to the National House of Chiefs to buy their votes since he can’t go out there to do any campaigning himself. How long is Mills going to be couped up at the Castle after ‘jogging from Kotoka Airport to the Castle’? Has the President jogged out of the country that is why Vice-President Mahama has been doing all the NDC campaigning or is the President on Medical leave?

This is a serious issue but Ghanaians are treating it as a joke because that is how the NDC Vultures surrounding the President want it. Atta Mills health, no matter how we view it has been affecting his effectiveness. Some decisions have been taken on his behalf when he is comatose due to too much pain medicine. When Kofi Awonoor made a Presidential appointment when Mills was heavily drugged, what did he say when he came out of his drug inducement? “Kofi Awonoor, ore haw me oo”. Koku Awonoor took advantage of Mills usual out of coverage area absence to sack the Electricity Company Boss of Ashanti region during the Ghana Blackstars and Lesotho game in Kumasi when the electricity went off. This is just two of numerous Presidential decisions that have been taken by People we did not vote for to make such decisions.

Now a Deputy Minister of Information, Ablakwa, who has never had a job in his life until he won the Mills Deputy Ministerial lotto raffle is more visible making a fool of himself and nobody can even tell this juvenile deliquent to sit his ass down because there is a vacuum of leadership at the top. Okudzeto announced that Ghana failed to pay AAL 17 million dollars we owe them and because of that, we have to settle with this company for 500 million dollars only for Kwamena Ahwoi to come out and say that it was not 17 million but half a million dollars. Does Okudzeto know how much 500 million dollars can do? 500 million dollars can build 100 well stocked clinics in the country or ten modern hospitals in the country and Okudzeto will gladly hand over such an amount to people we don’t owe them a dime? Okudzeto if he is not aware is becoming complicit in causing financial loss to the state having become the spokesman for fraudulent companies.

It was the same Okudzeto Ablakwa who said Mills government has created 1.6 million jobs in its first 10 months in office only for the Minister in charge of that Ministry to come and deny that he has no knowledge where Okudzeto got that figure from and this little boy is still the mouthpiece of the Mills administration?

How long can Ghana continue to live on NDC propaganda because we only have a President in name only? Mills is not a bad man and might even have been a great President but as human beings, we all know that we can’t do our best when our body and mental health is not in good shape and that is what we are getting from Mills who is being propped up by Hyenas who have seen a weakened lion and are circling to feed on its carcass. The Ahwois, Anyidoho, Segbefia, Mahama and other Castle pen robbers have seen Mills have no teeth in his mouth(weak President) and are eating his fillet mignon for him by using the Presidential powers Mills cannot wield to steal everything that is not bolted down.

How anybody in his or her right mind can vote for a proxy President in Mills is beyond me when this man is struggling to complete his first four years in office with difficulty. How can we punish Mills to seek four more years in office when his first four has been comedies of errors is beyond me and Ghanaians are not going to make that mistake by voting for Mills and getting Koku Anyidoho Presidency, WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas



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