When you are ready for that big break, consider an all-inclusive package. After you pay for your package, there is nothing more to worry about but relaxing and enjoying the ride. An all-inclusive vacation is just what it says, including air, hotel, transportation to and from the destination airport, meals, drinks, entertainment and recreational facilities. You can decide what kind of holiday you want, and almost surely can find an all-inclusive to suit your budget and holiday dreams.

First step in planning your all-inclusive vacation is at an online discount travel site. There you will be able to search many packages from different providers, filter on many criteria, and find the vacation you want. Most all-inclusive vacations give you an option of a five to ten day holiday. One of the popular destinations for all-inclusive vacations from Toronto is Cuba.

Cuba has much to offer the Canadian traveler, including music, food and comfortable accommodations. Many are beachfront, where you can enjoy days swimming and sunning on clean white sand beaches, eat at beachside cafes, and enjoy tropical warmth. Included in many packages are water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and windsurfing. This is the place to try out something new. Freshwater pools are also on-site for many hotels, with children’s areas and lifeguards if you are traveling as a family. For those days when you want to stay on dry land, many hotels offer tennis courts, volleyball, aerobics, walking trails or board games.

Another popular all-inclusive vacation destination from Toronto is Turks and Caicos. There are many packages available, and these offer many of the same amenities as Cuba.

If you are looking for a sun destination, Turks and Caicos is well-prepared for visitors and will offer a warm welcome. The Turks and Caicos Islands have an average temperature in the high 20’s all year round, making it a sure bet for warm weather no matter when you travel. English is the national language making it easy to get by no matter where you go, whether it is restaurants, shopping or sightseeing. They are known for their fine white sandy beaches and have excellent golf courses and many water based activities to enjoy.

The best bet for an all-inclusive vacation from Toronto is to book a last-minute vacation. If you are prepared to leave in a week or two, and not set on a particular destination, take a look at an online discount travel site to find a last-minute package. Vacation providers will offer packages at a substantial discount as the departure date nears, rather than leave seats and beds empty. The prices are amazing and you will enjoy your holiday even more knowing that you have saved a bundle by booking last-minute. Being flexible brings the biggest savings.

Many online discount travel sites also offer price guarantees on all-inclusive vacations, which means if your package drops in price before departure, you will be rebated or credited the difference, so you can book with confidence that you have the best possible price.

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