If you want to find the friendliest place in the world, then first of all, please visit the kingdom with the highest happiness index on Earth. Such as “friendly” and “happiness” such feelings are often very subjective, and their definition varies. Recently, the University of Leicester researchers dedicated to this issue, first to map out the Earth’s first “world happiness map”. Around the world, the researchers carried out a series of questionnaires to more than 80,000 respondents, and the problem boils down to three key points: health, wealth and educational opportunities. The study found that those with first-class medical care, the highest per capita gross national product, and excellent educational opportunities of their nationals are the most happily. In this “world’s happiest country” list, Denmark even is inconceivable to hold the top spot.

The decision factors of Denmark was awarded the winning may be a bit surprised, not because of income, of course, it cannot be pleasant weather makes them so meet.

In fact, Denmark is not the tropical paradise, and it is one of the highest tax’s countries in the world, members of the public’s 50% -70% of their income is used to pay taxes. This result is, no matter what kind of job and the other members of the public are generally in the same economic level. Therefore, the majorities of Danes are encouraged to engage in the most that give him personal satisfaction of the occupation, rather than exhausted for money and status. Freedom to choose their favorite occupation is the main reason that the Danish people feel the happiest, and Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

Moreover, the citizen’s taxes are almost used for universal free health care and education system.

Therefore, the Danes cannot only enjoy their work, but also can get basic medical care and coverage through the university level of formal education. In addition, the expense of Denmark in respect of children and the elderly is difficult to achieve in other countries in the world.

Denmark is the world’s highest happiness index of the kingdom, which does mean it is the world’s most friendly country? The answer is yes. According to the ABC report, the typical characteristics of the Danish people are their social nature. 92 % of the public participate in various social clubs, from the model training to laugh exercises. In addition, if the Danes monthly organize book club, then they may also receive government bonuses. It is no wonder the Danes love social interaction so much, they are the happiest people in the world. So the society with a happy family will naturally create Denmark into the world’s most friendly place!

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