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When Will Varney Jarsey End His Sabbatical?

Thousands of deep-thinking militants, ideological paragons, intellectual gladiators, revolutionary stalwarts and conscious students of Liberia bring you blissful, idyllic and extraordinary greetings from the magnanimous oasis of academic freedom, social justice, moral veracity, interminable equality, and inescapable freedom.

Dr. Fahnbulleh:
Dr. Fahnbulleh:

Cognizant of our forward-thinking duty and progressive responsibility to advance a common agenda and refuel an unending struggle for the glorious and inclusive emancipation of our people, especially those at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder, we are magnetically beguiled and enthralled by your endless contribution yesterday and even now as a master of contemporary politics and a coach of modern philosophy.

As we redefine our struggle for change and reshape our political destiny in this century, our determination and courage to confront modern dictators, imperialists, scoundrels, diehard pillagers, and intransigent elements remain overwhelming. Our unflinching resolve to ensure grass-root transformation and economic freedom for ALL is tied to the fortitude of martyrs Wuo Garpee Tarpia, Wiwi Debah, Tonia Richardson, Swanzee Elliot, Federick Gobakollie and other devoted brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice for an all-inclusive Liberia.

Dr. Fahnbulleh, our attention has been drawn to recent misconduct and indiscipline by one diaper-intellectual, popular plagiarist, and academic lackey who continues to ignorantly parade as an admirer of your iconic legacy. In his subliminal state of mind, he brags pathetically as your pupil, but lacks common understanding of projecting the real efficacy of a revolutionary struggle. He perambulates and masquerades each day with his decaying psyche seeking undue relevance from big-shots. He has become a foremost beneficiary of the SPOILS SYSTEM. In pretense and sham, he proceeds in errors and double-dealings, burying his conscience and smashing his integrity in order to satisfy his overambitious social appetite and materialistic agenda.

This morally-bankrupt and mortifying character in question is on an uncompromising expedition to create a cloudy atmosphere and foggy climate over the inviolability and decency of the student community. The speed of his dishonest spree is seriously undermining every stratum of our society and his refusal to repent has led him into preponderance of contradictions and conflagrations. This legendary impostor has imprudently craved to be like you for several years now, sadly nothing in him really resembles you. His gene is totally dissimilar to yours! He spends almost all of his time listening to your powerful speeches and reading your writings, regrettably he forgets in split second everything he has read or listened to, as a result of his inability to lubricate his brain regularly.

We are talking about someone who usually indulges into unnecessary chest-beating, pomposity, and egotism. In arrogance and deceit, he disrespects people who have admirable moral credentials, undisputed academic prowess, and unparalleled intellectual aptitude. History has taught us to reprimand cataleptic charlatans and rebuke amateur academicians who often advance penny-pinching tactics and dodgy tendency to undercut moral consciousness and sincerity. Whenever we detect such repugnant character invading the corridors of purity and uprightness, we are under dutiful obligation to immediately arrest such situation.

Dr. Fahnbulleh, permit us now to introduce this self-conceited renegade and disloyal bedfellow who pretends to be your apprentice, but has divergent chromosomes of your phenotype. His name is Varney Jersey, a 2009 polytechnic dropout who continues to purport as President of the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU). This known flunky who was expelled from J. J. Roberts High School and later sought refuge at JJ Ross High School is adamant about his own academic growth and development. This champion of parody and symbol of academic ineptitude who has deliberately refused to return to college is thirsty to lead a bloc of conscious and critical minds.

In an oblivious and futile campaign, he exerts himself as a demagogue over visionary collegians and farsighted personalities. He goes ahead barking like a mere attacking-bulldog with false teeth at people with exemplary reputation. More interestingly, he disgorges tons of junks through his puppeteers and foot-soldiers. This high-profile plagiarist, dead-sea academician and former freshman probation student of Stella Maris Polytechnic, now a polytechnic dropout, sits in a lonely corner of snobbishness and survives only on hypocrisy and corruption.

This scanty scoundrel and micro-rascal surrounds himself everyday with pay-agents and swindlers to protect his dubious interest against millions of students in Liberia. Dr. Fahnbulleh, I guess you are aware that this illegitimate LINSU’s President ignorantly took a decision last year to compromise the interest of Liberian students. He was induced to support a quick impact education reform policy without engendering appropriate consultation, coordination, collaboration, and consensus with legitimate student groupings across the country.

Dr. Fahnbulleh, we strongly believe that change is not instantaneous, rather it comes gradually. Even up to now, we still believe that MoE in concert with Varney Jersey missed the real priorities that would have fundamentally transformed our educational system from ‘mess’ to ‘best’ in Liberia. Too sad to note that LINSU under the inept leadership of Varney Jarsey has become a channel of economic survival for few emerging crooks and classical bandits. The institution has been disrobed of its integrity and enviable legacy due to sycophancy and gullibility. It no longer speaks on critical national issues. The continuous silence of LINSU, an institution once known for its objective and independent stance, speaks volume. There is no doubt that Varney Jarsey is the most corrupt, gullible and repressive LINSU’s president since 1952.

In furtherance, we are not surprise that this corrupt government is giving credence to Varney Jersey as President of LINSU by providing him with budgetary allotments that he cannot even properly manage and account for. The light will be shown one day! Why must LINSU be run in the pocket of a polytechnic dropout? Up to date, this illustrious institution (LINSU) that was established by law since 1952 is still renting an office space as a result of Varney’s directionless and ill-fated ruler-ship. We believe that it is about time to redeem and rescue LINSU from the alliance of well-known buffoons and puppets.

Dr. Fahnbulleh, it is disturbingly disappointing that since 2009, Varney Jersey who came on compelling vacation due to probation as a freshman student of Stella Maris Polytechnic has refused to return. We have been pushed to the wall to ask, when will Varney Jersey end his sabbatical? No wonder why Madam Sirleaf had to describe our educational system as a mess. Dr. Fahnbulleh, we understand that you have done your best to encourage this illegitimate LINSU’s President return to college, but no one does more than his best.

Varney Jersey who claims to be a revolutionary belongs to no political party or movement in Liberia and beyond. He has embarked on a mission to mortgage the student community for self-enrichment. LINSU under his so-called ruler-ship has become a conduit of political manipulation, maneuvering and machination. The only vision of this lackey is to GET RICH SOON at the expense of struggling and jobless students. He has been abandoned by history and he is now marching towards Golgotha with a baggage of contradictions and bewilderment. Anyone who fails to read history, as Varney has done, shall not go with impunity. George Santayana was right when he said “Those who fail to read history are bound to repeat it”.

Thanks and extraordinary regards Dr. HB.
Revolutionarily yours,


Source: Martin K. N. Kollie
Student Activist
University of Liberia

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is a Liberian youth and student activist. He is a student of the University of Liberia reading Economics and also a stalwart of the Student Unification Party (SUP). He can be reached at [email protected]

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