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Celebrities, as normal human beings do get angry sometimes. It is always unusual to find them get angry and show it publicly considering their status in society. But when they get to the extent of spiting fire on social media networks, then it means they are really pissed.

Approximately there are over 300 million users of Twitter. Interestingly, activities of these users cannot be controlled as each of the users uses the social networking service for various reasons.

One person who has dedicated her Twitter page to tweet, lambast and castigate people who on regular basis flock the World Wide Web with various video recordings and indecent pictures of innocent people is Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson.

Lately, Twitter has been invaded by unscrupulous individuals who are using various handles to peddle lies about known personalities in Ghana. These attention-seekers hiding behind their computers upload indecent pictures and videos of people having sexual intercourse and claim to be a known person.

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s checks confirm that, most of these materials are actually copied from dirty sites to score cheap popularity.

Lydia Forson who like many others appear exhausted has taken these lie peddlers to the cleaners. She started what many would call war as she tweeted “Ok this has got to stop!! Posting naked pictures on twitter to disgrace someone is rather spreading pornography! There are kids here”.

The Africa Movie Academy Awards [AMAA] 2010 Best Actress co-winner tweeted again admonishing the lie peddlers as well as people who continuously urge them on to desist from sending links, “And no one should send me a link or a tweet about any pictures or videos that suggest pornography. Help stop this menace.”

It didn’t stop there, the actress continued, she said people who view, comment and spread lies being peddled about other people are perverts in disguise and are more guilty than the people in those pictures and videos.

She therefore urged all her followers to spread the word and stop the lies. One of her tweets was directed at people who constantly complain and make noise about nudity in Ghanaian movies.

The actress had several people retweeting her tweets to support her campaign but like we say in Ghana, there is Mensah in every family, so there were few others who disagreed and rebelled her.

The outspoken and confident Lydia Forson had this for them “If you don’t like what I say, block, unfollow, unfriend, but it won’t shut me up about this. I have a responsibility to people who look up 2 me.”

Below are screenshots of what happened. Follow Lydia Forson ? on Twitter @lydiaforson

Lydia Forson goes mad on Twitter!

Lydia Forson goes mad on Twitter!

Lydia Forson goes mad on Twitter!

Lydia Forson goes mad on Twitter!

Lydia Forson goes mad on Twitter!

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