REVELATIONS at the sittings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament are shocking to politicians who seek to make political capital out of these, but are more so to the public. The public is astounded by the revelations of how people in high public office, who should be protectors of the public purse, easily give in to persons out to defraud the state.

A former Executive Director of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Mr. Theophilus Cudjoe, who testified at the PAC on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 said some officials of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) allegedly allowed people to claim huge sums of money from the government as judgment debts when they did not deserve such payments. Such evidence and some reports from the Economic and Organised-Crime Office (EOCO,) which implicate politicians and public workers leave much to be desired.

THAT revelation has brought once again into the public domain the issues of judgment debt and payments to people whom, evidence shows, did not deserve them. Mr. Cudjoe hit the nail right on its head, and politicians who have engaged in such acts, whether today or yesterday, must bow their heads in shame.

INDEED, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP) was right when he hinted of how people give out contracts to cronies just for personal profits. How shameful it is that public officials who should supervise projects neglect their duties for what they could get into their own pockets. It is a clear indication of how corruption in high places is eating into and destroying the fabric of the nation. ?These are people who have lost all sense of patriotism, but we on Today fear their actions are compelling others to do same.

WE on Today have always maintained the position that such destructive acts by public workers, both political and civil, must be made public and condemned.? We are also of the opinion that Ghanaians ought to name and shame the personalities. If men and women who are to protect the state are stealing from it or helping the thieves, where lies the security of the people?

SINCE the beginning of human society, it has been prudent to encourage patriotism among citizens as a means of strengthening communal solidarity as one of the foundations of social security. To protect that states have fought many wars in the past and some of those wars were or have been fought to protect what ancestors built.

AGAIN history is replete with how personalities, in bids to protect one form of national resource or another, give up so much or even die. The founding fathers of Ghana, Paa Grant and the Big Six, sacrificed so much for us to have a state, and one of them, Kwame Nkrumah, even sacrificed state resources and himself for Africa, as did some of his contemporaries and others before him.

HOWEVER, patriotism or love for nation seems to have faded from the fabric of our social system and in its place, we have put selfishness and greed, and to think politicians are the first culprits is deeply distressing. It is easy to talk that we must restore patriotism, but what we need to do is take steps that will make all of us feel proud of being Ghanaian. We need to have leaders who have integrity and will thus have the courage to scrutinise the backgrounds of all their appointees before taking them on.

WE on Today are of the opinion that it is only when we can have in public office persons who lead by good example, the state will continue to wallow in under-development.

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