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When Fasting Eat Healthy Diet

A consultant nutritionist at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos, Dr. Folu Olatona has urged Nigerians to take healthy diet during their fasting and prayer seasons.

Speaking with Daily Times, Dr. Olatona said, people fast for several reasons but it is important to understand that, the body should be given the proper diet when breaking a fast.

The nutritionist said, “the stomach has rested from working for several hours and it would not be nice to give it a very heavy job right away. A lot of water is advised when breaking and followed by liquid foods and light meals before any heavy meals. Foods with acidic components should be avoided when breaking fast, such as cereals, beans and other legumes, fish, meat, etc. When such foods get digested in the body, they produce more acids.”

Highlighting, Olutona said, the proper foods to take should be alkaline based, “that would neutralise acid, these are usually more friendly to the stomach; foods such as yam, fruits, vegetables, potatoes and other tubers, amala, eba and such other foods in this category.

“For those who do dry fasting without water, the fasting should not last for several days. With water, one can go on fasting for several days. In essence, one can live almost on water alone for several days. However, many nutrition issues are individualised depending on how well nourished such individual is.”

Olatona said, for a person who is already under-nourished may not be able to go on fasting for a long period.


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