Empowerment items disributed to the widows in Anambra State
Empowerment items

It is now a norm that prior to any election year, individuals masquerading under the guise of one foundation or the other with messages of “youths or women” empowerment litter the streets with deceptive programmes. Little did we know the extent to which such jamboree has gone than they disappear in a twinkle of an eye perhaps, to wait for another election year.

Painfully enough, not all these elements claiming to be empowering the youths or women understand what empowerment means.

According to Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, “empowerment is the granting of political, social or economic power to an individual or group”.

In other words, it is the process of supporting another person or persons to discover their destiny and as well, claim personal power over the vicissitudes of life.

The people holding these abracadabra forgot that the idea behind the charity exercises must concur with the proverbial saying that when “the moon shines, the cripple becomes hungry for a walk”.

Reasons why there is an influx of crime rate in the society today despite the numerous empowerment exercises in and around us is because the idea of these “jamborees” is hinged on self aggrandizement.

Come to thing of it, I may not hold brief for anyone but I cannot be shut off from saying the fact that among these mountainous “empowerments”, the one that has much human face is that of Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere, MFR who has decided to train willing individuals in paint manufacturing, liquid soap, beads, bags, wire works and shoe making.

Others include, cosmetology/disinfectants, decorations, video coverage/photography, fishing, farming, snairy/breeding, animal feeds, cucumber and water melon productions.

The training will also include, computer operation, photocopy, lamination, binding, as well as floor and wall tiling etc.

As a realist and social critic, this programme even to a doubting thomas, can be described as nothing but the best way to raise, nurture and build future entrepreneurs and I stand to be challenged.

The worse mistake the so called leaders have made, and are still making is using the youths for a ride in the name of empowering them with motorcycles. Many a time, some of these youths are involved in fatal accident and on the process, they lose their lives. At this juncture, one will easily understand that the decease may have been used for ritual in view of elections.

For the record purposes, Prince Eze Madumere, many years ago even before Owelle (Dr.) Rochas Okorocha thought it wise to contest the Governorship position in Imo State, he had kick-started empowerment of youths, women and the less privileged.

Recall that years ago, this humble Prince facilitated the training of Imo youths on various skills, and as well built houses for the downtrodden among them is a bungalow he built for Mrs. Victoria Osuchukwu of Ubahaeze Orodo among others.

Desperation is a thing of mind where others start giving in anticipation for electuon, but in the case of Prince Madumere, desperation is a thing of mind where one empowers another without expecting any reward in return.

Just like the African proverb, “when the labourer is praised, his cutlass begins to cut more keenly”. Prince Madumere we know is no other person than a leader who neither expects praises nor cheers from people, but an acclaimed political and Christian juggernaut who solicits for prayers to continue to do more. To me, the humble Prince didn’t ask much from us, but he asked for the best as a true Christian and we should cue in

It is worthy of note that Prince Madumere has tactically changed the mantra of greed and rancour in the society especially, within the ambit of APC folds which some of her major stakeholders in the state were known for, his good works are beyond political affiliations, it is directly targeted at the restoration of the lost glory of the state which past governments caused by concentrating on empowering only their party members and stooges instead of the state at large.

I may not be too vocal to convince anyone whose doubting instinct towards Prince Madumere is very stiff and unbendable but I am pretty sure that the Humble Prince has demonstrated high level of concern and love for the good people of the state under the instrumentality of Madumere Fans Club, a socio-political organization geared towards the restoration of political sanity and employment opportunities for the youths and the needy.

Suffice to say that the successes recorded by the rescue mission administration of His Excellency, Owelle (Dr.) Rochas Okorocha is made manifest by the number two citizen of the state who has remained firm, committed and unwavering in a bid to take the state to an enviable height. The records are very glaring!!!

Obviously, holding leadership position does not make someone a good leader but a dedicated servant-leader like Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere understands the many different factors that come with leading others, and strives to help others reach their goals; nurture them until they develop themselves, and act as visionaries for their aspirations.

Convincingly, the humble Prince has developed for himself great leadership attributes which qualifies him to be upright to work with in any capacity he finds himself beyond; he has distinguished himself as a leader that can be trusted.

Ezeakonobi Madumere has carved a niche for himself and therefore is honest, committed, inspirational, creative, meticulous, sagacious and humble. No wonder he has surmounted all the shackles and rankles of political gimmicks and appeared to be untouched to the chagrins of his detractors.

Recall that the foundation of any trust, both personal and professional is integrity; Prince Madumere has used his unwavering devotion and candor to secure a place in the heart of God, the Almighty, and the entire citizens of the state.

Indeed, he is a great philanthropist of repute, father of the fatherless, epitome of manhood and fatherhood; no wonder everyone in the state calls him the loyal and humble Prince. Nevertheless, no matter how people work their way up to the corporate ladder or start their own dealing to the top, the path to leadership is not an easy one.

There will be good times, stressful times, and terrible times, but a great leader is always able to lead a team to success, regardless of the situation at hand, this is the story of His Excellency, Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere, MFR, the Deputy Governor of Imo State.

By Esogibe Ikenna
Esogibe Ikenna is an opinion moulded, social crusader and media Analyst


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