Wheelchair MiniGolf
Wheelchair MiniGolf

Mr. Wilson Yao Agbesi – a member of the Ghana Wheelchair Minigolf Association (GWMA), has said the introduction of the sport will further enhance the principle of social inclusion in the country.

He said there were many senior citizens who were once active but were now confined to the wheelchair in their homes, leading to their exclusion from society, but added that Wheelchair Minigolf would provide them with the right opportunity to become active again.


Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Africa Minigolf Cup of Nations (AMCOM) in Accra, Mr. Agbesi said, those confined to their wheelchairs also have love for sports and wish to take part in sporting activities to keep them active adding that the new sport would provide such a great opportunity for them.

According to him, the decision to form the Association was carefully studied, with enough consultations with stakeholders in both minigolf and wheelchair.

“The idea of forming a minigolf association for wheelchair users was conceived a year ago by the National Coach of the Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Federation, Mr. Alipui, who was of the firm conviction that, the Association would give them the opportunity to recruit, train, develop and promote wheelchair mini golf among wheelchair users in the country.

“Having deliberated on this for some time a decision was taken to officially approach the Minigolf Federation of Ghana. We approached the President Mr Talal Fatah to brief him about our intention and also seek his guidance. He wholeheartedly embraced and welcomed the idea and today, we are witnessing its manifestation,” he added

According to Mr Agbesi, minigolf cuts across all ages and gender adding that it requires more focus and accuracy than the use of energy as compared to other sports for persons with disabilities.

He called on corporate bodies, donor agencies, development partners, philanthropists, religious bodies, celebrities, individuals and the government to support the development and promotion of the wheelchair minigolf in Ghana.


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