Most online entrepreneurs search the internet for information, contacts and companies that may provide them with advice, skills and professionals that are needed for their online business or online projects.

Most of these entrepreneurs which may include you for the fact that you landed on this page, may reach for freelance individuals or teams through referrals and online searching, and some may be in contact or land with outsourcing and offshoring companies. Either way you may be planning to do these to cut cost for the development of your online project and cutting cost is a good thing.

You may already have a full detailed documentation of your unique ideas that you are very excited about and wanted to put it to life. But putting all of these in mind, you also have to consider some few basic things about your project. As a simple advice before you begin, you should understand how your online project should be handled, the problem that may come along the way and how to avoid them. You as a reader may already have the knowhow or you may already know basic to advanced web architecture and may already have experience working with several development companies or freelancers, in this case this article may be of a minimal use for you but you can still catch something new that may help you cut cost and maximize your project potentials, so either way you can still read along and share some advice.

Basically when you want to start your own online project you have to consider 2 options depending on the type of online project that you have. You?re project maybe from a new idea in which case you will need a full ground-up development going. Or your project may already be an existing service or technology in a field where you want to play along, in this case you may want to search for readily made open-source scripts that are ready to be used with just a few configuration, tweaks and furthermore customization. In any of these cases a full project development from ground-up may be your choice which is good in several aspects. Under this, online project development may be done with all custom codes and scripts or with a little help from commercial or other ready-made frameworks and libraries.

If you are venturing in an already openly existing online playing-field and want to have some input regarding ground-up development versus readily available open-source scripts then you can read my other article ?Ground-up development versus ready-made open-source?.

At this point you may ask what are the advantages and disadvantages for your web project if you decide to have it developed with all custom codes compared to have it developed using a ready-made framework. Well first it will really depend on your type of project. Mainly, if you have a specialized large-scale project to build, you might as well have a custom framework and library specially built for the project you have rather than download and use commercial frameworks. The main difference of these two is that in a custom framework all you have are the things that your project need and nothing more, while in a commercial framework you have all the libraries that are used for the functionalities most of online projects needed. The latter might be more interesting for you, thinking that you have a large library to use but let me tell you otherwise. A custom and straightforward framework might be a better solution with the simple reason that you have what you just need and you don?t have to carry the excess baggage in your online server as in a commercial framework, all the libraries that makes up the whole framework are loaded when your online application or website runs, and these eats up unnecessary resources from your web server like disk space, memory and processing power, this might not be a problem if you have a small to medium-scale project but if you have a large-scale project or even expecting a high volume of traffic then optimization is everything and a well-planned and neatly written framework is your big step for this.

Don?t go with the fad that says this commercial framework is on top of its class or this framework is the best when it comes to e-commerce and this framework is there for many years now. To tell you, most of these frameworks are slow, takes more time to process and may even require a dedicated server most of the time for high traffic. Another is with a commercial framework that contains a large library, you may need a web programmer or web developer that is well versed or dedicated with that specific framework of your choice, not necessarily senior or master level, an intermediate level coder with a good experience in your framework of choice is a viable method, the only positive thing you have with senior and master level coders is that they are well experienced that even faced with new challenges in this case new frameworks or libraries is that they can easily adapt and learn, there may be a learning curve but they will manage, and then add the ability to handle new and more challenging projects, and lastly they know the best or the most optimized approach of doing things as per client?s requirements.

(Just a filler, bear in mind that senior or master level coders does not necessarily meant that they know every framework or open-source scripts that you ask, if you do encounter this type of coder think twice before hiring them as this just means that they know a lot but hardly specializes in a specific one.)

On the other hand a custom framework will need more development time than downloading readily available free or premium frameworks. This is a good thing in regards to development time and cost especially if you have a web project that has features generally available from other websites and web applications, chances are that these frameworks already have those features. Another is that not just any web programmer or web developer can write a decent custom framework, you will need a senior or preferably a master level programmer or web developer for this thing. This option might already drive you away if you are worrying about your project?s development time and cost but you still have another level of option, some senior and master level programmers already have their own proven and tested lightweight frameworks developed along with their years of experience and tested with several freelance projects that they worked with over the time, these programmers can use their own framework, this is a good thing if their script is already on a matured stage and can show other projects developed on top of it as a proof of credibility, also some of these programmers offer these from their own website as a free or premium download, just be sure it?s well documented with some sample codes available. It will also be a bonus if you get to hire a programmer or developer that already has his own published framework or core libraries as this just means that you already have an exceptionally skilled individual to handle your online project as it really needs a good deal of skillset to be able to develop a development framework by yourself.

Another reason why I favor this option is simply because highly experienced programmers or web developers know better what?s happening in the background when your website or web application is running, moreover they know how to optimize scripts in favor of your required functionalities. And because we are talking about custom frameworks, programmers are not bound by any deadlines developing their own, they can build this and upgrade it every once in a while, during free time or during development of new projects thus enhancing it more overtime. And because these are lightweight, libraries are minimal and straightforward thus easy to use giving you a faster and more streamlined development. On the other side, another bad thing about commercial frameworks is that when you study and learn it, it?s like learning a new programming language with its very extensive proprietary objects, properties and methods.

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