What to do on your holiday in JamaicaWondering what to do on holiday in Jamaica? why not check out some of the things we have shared with you here!Rafting is a fantastic way to spend a day, you are driven high up the Blue Mountains with fantastic scenery to join the river and spend half a day travelling downstream on a banana raft, stopping to eat and swim in the clear river water half way. Take care when booking with a rafting company and make sure safety comes first as these rivers can still be quite dangerous.Cycling in the hills is increasingly popular, or you can take the 90-minute drive from Ocho Rios into the interior to Nine Miles, the birth and burial place of Bob Marley. From Montego Bay, take a drive of similar length to Accompong, the eyrie-like capital of the Maroons (the escaped slaves turned fearsome guerrilla fighters who gained some measure of autonomy with the peace treaty of 1739). If you tire of the charms of Negril’s Seven Mile Beach, there is horse riding, yoga and mushroom tea. Take the 50-minute drive back to Black River, with its crocodile-infested river. Or check out the breathtaking, unspoilt terrain of Bluefields, 90 minutes from both Treasure Beach and Negril, in whose bay pirate fleets would assemble.Waterfalls are popular attractions on the north coast, the tourist-thronged Dunn’s River Falls at Ocho Rios, the more agreeable Reach Falls past Manchioneal to the east of Port Antonio, and Somerset Falls to its west, near Hope Bay.Round Hill, Jamaica Inn and Goldeneye all have superb beaches where you can enjoy a day just relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous sun and sand. Frenchman’s Cove, four miles past the Trident, is one of the finest beaches in the world, on a cove into which the freshwater streams also run, overhung with tropical foliage. Winnifred Beach, a couple of miles on at Boston Bay, is also exceptional. When clean, the Norwich Beach, to the west of Port Antonio, is one of the unsung gems of the Caribbean. The legendary Seven Mile Beach at Negril is best sampled past the town’s strip of hotels, which encourages excessive hustling, something you may also come across at Hellshire, near Kingston.The National Gallery has an impressive collection of local art, including a large display of paintings by ‘Intuitive’ artists (the name curator Dr David Boxer has given the startling style of a group of untrained Rastafarian mystics such as Ras Dizzy, Leonard Daley and Albert Artwell).At the nearby Parade, the street market is also well worth a visit, but watch your valuables as their can be a lot of theifs! Everyone knows about Bob Marley, why not take a visit to the Marley museum and enjoy half a day taking a look in to his life and the kind of person he was.On the road from Oracabessa to Ocho Rios. An arts and crafts centre, with work on sale by some of the artists exhibited at the National Gallery.For a wild night out and some Jamaica party scene check out the Asylum club, one place you wont forget on your night out in Jamaica with some fantastic music and culture drinks to taste!HOTELS If your looking for some great hotels to stay at check out our Jamaica Hotels.  

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