The current cold weather in some parts of the country is a turn-off even to die hard shopaholics. Smartphones and tablets have made online shopping so mobile and dynamic that we don?t see the need to unnecessarily step out of our comfort zone especially with the biting cold; not for anything.


As much as we have fun clicking away at items we want to buy from the comfort of a warm living room with over a hot cup of cocoa, there are some things we should keep in mind to help make our online shopping experience better.

Shop with a plan-Planning is very Key. According to James Asiyo, head of content at Kaymu, most purchases made online are unplanned for ?60% of people shop when they bump into something they like, none of it is planned? he continues to explain that just like any other shopping, one should always have it all budgeted ?you know what they say if you don?t plan, you plan to fail. Everything can look attractive but you most definitely don?t need 10 purses! Always dive in with a plan and go for what you need, not what you want.?

Look out for discounts-Most online shops e.g. Jumia and Kaymu offer discounts monthly, this could save big on your budget. Not every product on the site is on discount though, so always be keen on the selected items. Follow the retailers on social media as most of them will announce what is on discount and some of them actually have giveaways for committed followers.

Avoid unfamiliar websites-Always make sure the site you use has clear contact details. Question yourself if the site asks for more personal details than they need. With so many cases of online fraud, always be careful when the deal is too good because it probably isn?t.

Go through the return and refund policy-Most sites will not accept return of goods purchased. Policies vary from one site to the other and nobody wants to be stuck with items that can?t be refunded.

Mode of Payment-There is always options on how to pay for your purchase its either Cash on Delivery or payment before.  Sites like Kaymu have the option of ipay in which you pay Kaymu, they hold on to the money and release it once you receive the item and are satisfied. Always double check the shipping fee, this varies with where you want your items delivered. Nobody wants to be surprised with a bill you hadn?t prepared for.

Source: sokodirectory


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