corporateJust with two rats, one can produce one million rats in 18 month period.? Is the above statement read bewildering and sound incredible? ?Every business investments, preparation of the marketing plan, road map for the organization should necessarily follow the model of rat reproduction for achieving eternal success.


The modern MLM (Multi Level Marketing) marketing model is not unknown to nature.? The rats are the best examples for the MLM model in nature.? The rats attain reproductive maturity in 5 weeks time from its birth.? Once the female rat conceives, she give birth the pups after 21 days of gestation period.? Per little, she gives birth to about 5 pups.? Each of the pups starts to reproduce another set of minimum of 5 pups each after 5 week period.? After 5 week period, every 21 days, minimum of 5 pups can be expected from every female rat in a given area.


It has been calculated that a pair of rats (one female and one male) can act as precursor for I million or 10 lack descendant rats in a period of 18 months.


To achieve the final number of 1 million rats in 18 month period, one has to provide only the basic care for the first pair and the subsequent progenies.? It is not just giving the care, one has to sustain the care, enthusiasm, pairing the male and female on time, providing adequate space etc., are required and essential.


Before commissioning the project exercise of rearing rats, one has to have the complete understanding about the reproductive behavior of rats, its gestation period, liter size, feed requirements, space etc.? While doing the above process of learning or understanding, one also must know how many descendants a pair of rats can produce at the end of the 18th month.? Visualization of the end result with passion and commitment, knowledge about the methods to achieve the same, the resources required etc., also one must learn.


Only with such complete knowledge and understanding, the business plan must be prepared.? Many successful corporate always follow such principle.? The start up resource has never pulled/stolen the hope, passion or commitment of tall leaders.? Unfortunately, the single man owned corporate only knows to appreciate and shock at knowing how a pair of rats can produce 1 million descendants at the end of 18th month.


Due to the whims and fancy of the ?top man? in the ?single man?s corporate?, none of the real success models the employees can afford to follow.? Unless male rat is paired with the female rat, the offspring at the end of 21st day cannot be expected.??? Most single mans? corporate create pandemonium with people, resource, knowledge and visualization of the goal.


No corporate on earth need to search any best business models from any great business schools as such wisdom is splendidly present in nature.?? From the reproductive biology of rats, the corporate can learn one of the best ?success instinct? essential for business.


It is not the resource; only the planning and understanding determines the success is the message, the nature is conveying to the corporate world.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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