Leading banks have mis sold payment protection insurance plans to millions of people who came to the banks for loan or mortgage. The banks or lenders made a huge easy profit by wrongly adding the insurance premium payments to the loan schemes. However, all that is now reversed and the court verdicts have forced the banks to refund the entire insurance money to the customers. But how can you decide if you are a victim and you need to claim back ppi?

 Do not think that just because you got a loan or mortgage, your bank had the right to sell you the insurance. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways of mis selling payment protection insurance to the customers. You should find out your loan agreement papers and see if the insurance is added to your name. If so, then you are most likely a victim of the ppi scandal.

 There are many signs to know if the bank was not honest in selling you the payment protection insurance policy.

If you had a pre-existing medical conditions and the bank did not discussed it when you took out the ppi, it is a case for ppi claims. If you are to become self-employed or you were a retired or close to retirement age and took the ppi, you should know how to claims ppi.

 If you hade other protection policies in place when you took out the insurance plan, the bank mis sold you the new policy. If you think that you never needed the insurance as you could pay off the loan and outstanding balance using your savings, then it is also a clear case to claim back PPI.

 If you took the loan and payment protection insurance from Lloyd bank, and wonder how to claim ppi from Lloyd, then know that it is easier to get the refunds. A simple way to claim back payment protection insurance is to get services of an experience ppi solicitor. The solicitor will take your case to the bank to convince that you are a victim of mis sold ppi.

 The ppi claims expert work on no-win-no-fee basis, allowing you to fight your case without financial burden. You can win back the entire amount that you spend on insurance premium and possibly with the interest.

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