As we digest and analyze the NPP Delegates? Congress we need to be picking some important lessons to guide us as we prepare to do same.

The NPP has over the years been characterized as been split between the Akyems factions under the able leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo as the Coach and Gabby Ochere Darko as the driver and the Ashanti factions under the able leadership of HE Former President John Agyekum Kufour with Alan Kojo Kyeremanteng in the driver seat.

During the campaign for the election of executives Nana Addo postured himself as a lifetime presidential candidate and directing the electoral campaign to ensure the his Akyem bloc continue the hold on the party so as to achieve his aim of leading the NPP at an old age of 72 years in competition with the likes of Robert Mogabe. Huge amounts of moneys commercial and investment bankers and drugs tycoons sympathetic to the Akyem bloc to ensure victory in Tamale. Delegates were given between 500 and 1,500 Ghanaian cedis depending on the clout surrounding the individual to ensure a resounding victory for Nana Addo and his Akyem bloc.

At the end of it all we saw the mighty fall of the Akyem bloc of the executives. Apart from two identifiable individuals who won their positions the rest were all won by the Ashanti bloc belonging to Kuffour. Interestingly however, the two most important positions, the Chairman and the General Secretary, of which purpose the huge moneys were doled out were both won by Kuffour factions of the party. The lessons we need to pick up here is that delegates are becoming very enlightened and as Sir John put it last night ?you can?t trust the promises of delegates?. I am happy to see that the delegates collected the moneys alright but voted for people they believe had what it takes to move the party to the next level.

Some of the executives in our NDC party have been chopping their posts in the office and completely lost touch with the grassroots. Since their election to office they never visit even one constituency to interact with the people who voted for them and find out the way forward. They complained of unavailability of logistics but all of sudden got the logistics to start going around campaigning for the coming elections. Others are going around looking for money to be doled out to delegates to buy their conscience for votes.

I pray and advice my lovely NDC delegates to learn very good lessons from their NPP counterparts and collect every single penny doled out to them by these charlatans and selfish leaders and give them the promise of their unflinching support and vote in our coming elections. As they do that however, they need to look into the eyes of these aspirants and vote for the right individuals who have what it takes to lead our great party to the next elections. They should reflect on the current executives and identify those who become very pompous with their posts and want us to serve them instead of the other way round. Please chop their moneys but show them the kokromote power to the exit door.

We need very strong and down to earth individuals who can think about the plight of the grassroots to strengthen the party. We need people who can strategies to find solutions to our problems both in party and in government. Those who are ready to think and get some reasonable jobs for the young comrades. We don?t need those who want to use their posts to make money and becoming thin gods on us. Let?s vote such charlatans out like the NPP delegates did and bring fresh and energetic bloods into the party to clear the current miseries and disaffection within the party.

Before I rest my fingers let me advice our enthusiastic leaders and government appointees and even the presidency to read the advice put across by my very good friend Kofi Mathew some view days ago. I have read his suggestions over and over again and think those actions will go very long way to reduce the plight and the disaffections among comrades and even solve the numerous problems facing the country


Source: ASK


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