I just got off the phone with my mother-Theresah Addo Kwapong in Ghana and I have decided to share what she said to me. I called to see how she was doing since she is a strong NPP supporter. I clearly remember how she used to shout into my ears that I am a time waster (because I am a die hard PNC supporter and have always been campaigning for them).

When I called her a few minutes ago, she told me that??there is this woman staying near her house, she has no pistol pestle or mortar (which she comes to borrow hers each evening to pound her fufu) and yet the woman voted for NDC?So she won?t give her the pistol and mortar again!? LOL?

I was like ?but you are the women?s leader of the Church of Pentecost and so you can?t do that?. She paused for a few seconds and said ?this is not about God, I worked hard to buy my own pistol and mortar, she should buy hers too if she voted for NDC?.

Do you agree with my mother? Geez! Elections in Ghana come with a lot of wahala?

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