For many people a holiday in Madagascar has probably never crossed their mind, it certainly doesn’t spring out as one of the most obvious places to choose for a holiday destination, however this certainly is not to say that it should not be considered. In fact, quite the opposite is true; Madagascar should be somewhere that is on your bucket list.

Unlike many of the stereotypical British holidays that seem to involve some sort of western settlement but in a warmer climate than ours, Madagascar offers an insight into to a completely different world, from the stunning scenery to the fascinating culture and amazing evolutionary oddities.

Madagascar can be found just off the coast of Southern Africa, lying isolated in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

It is the world’s fourth largest island and is about the size of Texas or France. Because of its location, Madagascar’s eco system has become home to an array of unique and fascinating wildlife that can be seen nowhere else in the world. In the same way that the Galapagos Islands came to be, Madagascar has also followed. Naturally, as with most untouched landscapes, there is a lot in the way of natural beauty.

For all of the pessimists out there that are now beginning to doubt the possibility of actually coming into contact with any of this unique wildlife, consider this little known fact: of all the different 250, 000 species found on Madagascar a massive 70 per cent of them are unique to the island.

Much like the Galapagos Islands the animals in Madagascar have not yet learned fear of man. So, with this in mind, the chances of you seeing something that you’ve never laid eyes on before are actually quite high, this alone should be enough motivation for you to take a trip there.

Probably the most well-known inhabitant of Madagascar is the lemur, which has recently had a significant amount of exposure thanks to the animated film ‘Madagascar’. While these creatures are certainly entertaining there are many others to look out for. For example, the fossa, this sort of looks like it is a cross between a dog and a puma, or the tenrec, which bears a striking resemblance to the hedgehog. There are also a wide variety of brightly coloured lizards, including geckos and lizards. 

So, from the high peaks of Andringitra, to the rich forestry of Isalo there’s no doubt you’ll have fun exploring Madagascar.

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