President John Mahama Free education What John Mahama said about free SHS IN 2008

President Mahama

?In the programme that we are introducing, Professor Mills says that when we say free compulsory basic education, it means absolutely free. Do you understand? It means you would not pay anything. If you look at the capitation grant, it is insufficient for the schools. So they take some fees from parents. You would hear that a child has been sent home for school fees. The Child is often asked to go and bring exams fees, sometimes it is sports fee, other times culture fees, PTA dues. Our arrangement is that when we say free it means free. When the NDC government comes into office, those little fees that the schools are still charging from students, we would sit down with school principals, the

Ghana education service and compute all of them. We would increase the capitation grant. When you look at it right now it is three Ghana Cedis a year, that is thirty thousand Cedis a year. We would increase it and ensure that parents would pay nothing. This is at the basic level. At the secondary level we have a free education policy for them as well. Let me explain. Free education policy at the secondary level is about community day secondary schools. Students who attend community day secondary schools are charged between two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand depending on the school you attend. We would remove that. The government will pay for all secondary schools. So when you go to the school and come back home, without sleeping at the school, you would pay no fees. For boarding schools,

we have the students paying electricity and water bills. These are classified as utility fees. We would remove these utility fees. Government would pick up the cost. This would bring down the fees payable by parents. We would also meet the principals of these schools to ensure that we bring down these feeding fees so that the cost of secondary education would go down.?

Source Joy News Ghana


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