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All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas -not money.
-Robert Collier

We all want to live a life of significance. We want to have amazing life experiences.

We desire success, happiness, satisfaction and fulfilling life. We want to write our names on the hearts of people and bequeath a meaningful legacy to the world.

Wealth is a concept and that is what this article seeks to explore. What does wealth mean to you? We would have as many different answers as the number of people asked. It means different things to different people.

Some people consider wealth to be having a lot of money. Some also define wealth as being in possession of material things such as having a fleet of cars, mansions of different architecture, a chain of businesses, livestock of every kind etc. Still others view wealth as having power and influence, the ideal job, satisfying relationships or experiencing a rewarding and enjoyable life.

There are two broad categories of people in every community- the poor and the rich, those who are wealthy and those who are not. It all depends on who defines these concepts.

There are reasons why so many people fail and a few succeed. This also applies to the acquisition of wealth whatever that means to you.

Each one of us was born into a family. The family has a huge impact on its members.

What have you learned from your family members? What values did your family teach you?

What you learn can set you up to fail or succeed in life. It will position you to either become poor or rich.

Here is what I mean: A person who is born into a poor family where parents frequently quarrel about money or the scarcity of resources, is likely to grow up believing he cannot break barriers and succeed or acquire wealth. He will have a poor attitude towards money or riches. He would think being rich and wealthy is the preserve of a select few. This can result in failure.

Before one can succeed or be wealthy in life, one must have a success or wealthy mindset. One must dream big. One needs to have that state of mind called a burning desire which becomes an obsession. You must have a definite goal that gives meaning to your life. You must have a plan that shows the steps you will take to achieve it. A plan that is not backed by action is worthless. Johann Wolfgang von Goeth was an incredible man. He said: “Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”

Creating our stories begins with action. You can’t remain in your comfort zone and hope that success or wealth would automatically drift into your life.

There are other vital tools that are critical to success or accumulation of wealth-discipline, patience, courage, confidence, hard work, persistence, and empowering beliefs that things are possible for you.

Ambition and determination are drivers of success. These are your building blocks of success and wealth creation.

One needs financial education-essential to success and wealth creation. You should know the difference between asset and liability.

An asset will put money in your pocket. A liability will take money out of your wallet. If you have a car which you use for no other reason than for the comfort it gives you, then your car is not an asset but a liability to you. You spend money on fuel and maintenance. Compare that to having a taxi that puts money in your pocket. Aside fuel and maintenance costs, you will have additional income to meet other needs. Your taxi is an asset.

One must learn money management skills. Don’t spend your money as if you have no respect for it. Spend your money wisely. Draw a budget. Save some for a rainy day and invest in projects that will bring you more money.

A common axiom says, “Time and tide wait for no man.” We all have 24 hours a day- no more, no less. People who are rich and successful use their time with wisdom. They don’t spend their time on irrelevant things. Their time is spent on only important and key result areas.

Once you have a goal, you need laser-like focus to achieve it. Concentration is the key to unlock your potential. Be single-minded on what you want to achieve and give it your all.

There isn’t anything like a self-made man. Everyone who has reached the pinnacle of success has received support from other people. To get help, think right towards people.

Make yourself a likable and teachable person. Learn from those who have achieved the kind of success you desire and deserve. Get to know the principles they used and apply same to your own situation for a more secure and successful life.

You will not amount to anything in this world if you spend your whole life in your comfort zone. Success gravitates to those who conquer their fears and take risks. It is said, success favours the brave.

To achieve anything worthwhile requires that we take some chances and be willing to move out of our comfort zone. This does not mean doing it mindlessly as not every risk will pan out.

One other fact to remember is this: people who achieve true prosperity let neither risk nor setbacks to stop them. They don’t give in or give up on themselves. If one approach doesn’t work they will try another. If you are to be the hero of your own life, you have to be willing to take whatever steps will move you closer to your goals and dreams.

Expressing gratitude for what you have can help you work towards success. There will always be something in your life for which you can express gratitude. Being grateful for the things you have will draw more things into your life to be grateful for. It works like magic.

What is your relationship with money and the rich? You need to have a good relationship with money in order to attract it into your life.

Anybody can make money-it isn’t selective or discriminatory. Money has no eyes or ears or senses to know who is handling it, what class or family you belong to or the qualifications you hold and what you do with it.

Your thoughts and beliefs about money however matter. If, in your heart, you think and belief getting lots of money is bad and you envy those who are wealthy, chances are you might be undermining your own efforts, unwittingly, to get lots of it. You need to believe money is good, that getting lots of it is good, spending it is good, in order to attract it into your life.
How much money do you want? State a specific amount and give a deadline for achieving it. What do you intend giving in return for the money?

What would you do after you have received the money? Get your money making plan in place and execute it with commitment and dedication. Always remember you have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else to take as much as you want.

King Solomon once said: “Money answereth all things.” We all need money, it is the oil that smoothes life for all of us. You can make money and become wealthy ethically. No need to harm another person when making money.

Wealth cannot be defined only in terms of finances. What people need in their life is so much more than money. “There are people who are wealthy in family, or wealthy in love, or wealthy in friendship. Others have great health. You could have money and not have friends or family or love or good health in your life. To me, wealth is having what you really want in life. I have a friend who has a great family. He makes decent money, but he is very rich in his family. He has a great wife, he has twin daughters, he has two great sons. You couldn’t buy what he has with any amount of money. The really important things you simply can’t buy.”(Tony Cuspisz).

To me, there can be no one single acceptable definition of wealth. It is personal. You must define what wealth is to you. Ultimately your wealth should bring peace, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. Your wealth should help make the world a bit like heaven.
Yours in inspiration,


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