To say Michael Elliot Kwabena Otchere Darko remains the benchmark by which hiplife artists are judged is stating the obvious and to say that he has staying power is preaching the gospel.
Ever since taking music seriously in 1994, there has been no stopping the dreadlocked man and it is an irony that one so gifted has not gotten the desired international acclaim he richly deserves despite hits such as yaanom, pae mu kaa, Kwame Nkrumah, ntitiepa, odo and maame.
obrafuorFor new comers such as Manifest, Edem and Sarkodie to endorse the rap sofuo as the greatest hiplife proponent is telling.
Interestingly Obrafuor has managed despite the fame and media attention to keep his love life under wraps unlike colleagues Samini and Tinny.
Curiously however is Obrafuor?s fascination with the name Abena.In Ghana and among the Akane thnic group, every Tuesday born female is named Abena or Mabena in addition to surname and other first names.
Obrafuora.k.a the rap sufuor (preacher) employed the use of Abena in his ?nkeye? track produced by Roro for the now defunct Best Brain Digital Studio and on the track talked about the ungrateful nature of Abena his love interest.
Once moreAbena was the lady of interest on Area Boi?s?Abena? track featuring Obrafuor. Produced by Hammer of the Last 2, Obrafuor taking up the role of father implores his daughter Abena to be conscious of their precarious situation and the difficulties involved in providing her needs.
The Executioner further admonishes Abenath at when the timeripes for marriage her choice ought to be of a wealthy man capable of catering for her in addition to extending courtesies and privileges to him.
Area Boi for his part noted that despite cash constraints, being a man for the future he will rise to his duties should Abena?s father give his approval to take Abena?s hand.
The chorus Abena-papa, Abena-papa, Abena-papa made for interesting listening.
The fascination with Abena did not cease so on his single Pimpinaa featuring Bisa Kdei, the rap icon provides some stimulating singing while declaring his intention to marry you guessed right ?Abena? and offer her a golden crown.
BisaKdei offers an effortless performance while Obrafuor makes the transition from singing to rap beautifully employing English and Twi superbly.
Obrafuor informs us that even though he recently gathered courage to propose love to Abena, he is pleased that his offer fell on fertile ground promising to perform the marriage rites without delay since he was not a fan of copulation outside of marriage.
Weaving proverbs delicately,Mr. Darko further notes that Abena was an exception among women folk who deserved the very best life has to offer.
Obrafuor falls on Xpress Philms and Xbills Ebenezer for the visuals and utilizing afro centric themes coupled with colourful and delightful Angelique fabrics and pretty faces, Obrafuor must have been a satisfied man.
Check out Obrafuor?sPimpinaaftBisaKdei:

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