What Makes a Man More Excited: Food or Sex?

People say, food is the way to a man’s heart and I ask: What is the impact of sex to a man then? 

“Sex gives meaning to a man’s existence,” said Kingsley. 

He said, “if I’m hungry and horny at the same time, I go for sex first, then think of food later. Sex is good, for married people. I can’t do without sex but I can do without food. I can’t travel without my wife but I can travel without food, I can get food anywhere but I can’t get sex everywhere, one has to be conscious.”

As a girl, my mother has always re-emphasied on being a good cook, she would want me to stay with her in the kitchen all day, decide what we would eat but she never told me what keeps her home going apart from food, she never told that to be a good wife to my husband, I must also be good in bed. I still wonder why. 

Anyway, over time, I’ve learnt that, if I must keep my man, I must also be good in bed, that keeps a man too. 

Of what use is a woman who can’t be a mother and a wife? You can’t choose to be a log of wood. 

Also, checking the poll on Daily Times to know what keeps a man more interested, as at the time of filing this report, we had a total number of 1044 votes; food has 34per cent while sex had the highest vote with 66per cent. 

What do you think excites you more as a man and as a woman, what excites your husband most? Tell us. It can be the answer someone has been waiting for. Comment on this article and share your view.


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