Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro and Yvonne Nelson have denied reports that they are no longer best pals. For the past months, speculations among players in Ghana?s movie industry were rife that the two beautiful and talented top actresses were not on talking terms.

Though the tale bearers could not give concrete reasons why the two were fighting, they went to town with the information of the fight. What made thing worse was that the two stars stopped hanging out together like they used to. Indeed, the two Yvonnes used to hang out together, though they lived on two opposite sides of Accra. They are mostly seen together at movie premiers as well, but they have not been spotted in recent times. While Okoro is particular about which public events she attends, Yvonne Nelson attends several shows on the entertainment calendar.

Most often, she shows up with ?Fashion 101? hostess Sandra Ankobiah or Irene Logan. On Wednesday, Okoro and Nelson caused a stir on social network blackberry when the two used their status to celebrate each other.

Yvonne Nelson wrote on her status: Yvonne Okoro for life? while Yvonne Okoro also wrote: ?my bestie, YN (Yvonne Nelson) is back after a break and we just renewed our friendship vows.? While Okoro is scheduled to leave Ghana on Saturday for a business trip to London, Nelson is today heading to New York where she is scheduled to pick an award at a ceremony.

The best friends are expected to spend weeks in the UK and US. If indeed their status on blackberry on Wednesday was anything to go by, then their speculated fight was just a mere rumour.

Source : news one


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