Why I still miss my late mum ? Lizzy Anjorin

Badagry-born actress, Elizabeth Yenukunme Anjorin, popularly known as Lizzy, is sure one of the most sought-after producers cum actresses in the movie industry, after she gained prominence with the release of her first movie, entitled,IyawoOjoKanand her blockbuster flick Kofo Tinubuand the most recentKofo,The First Lady.This graduate of Banking and Finance from the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, also holds a degree in Transport Planning and Management from the OlabisiOnabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Lizzy opens up on her new pet project, amongst others.
It?s two years that you lost your mother, how are you coping?
Life goes on, in any situation you find yourself, and, as such,since I lost my mother, life has not been that easy, but, thank God, I?m doing great and I?m very sure that she will be happy, seeing her daughter doing great.
So what is it that you missed about her?
So many things (Chuckles), I miss her parental care, because I can remember when I was going on location, she, sometimes, helped me with packing my luggage. I also miss her cooking; she was a fantastic cook and I think I learnt that from her and, more importantly, were her jokes, because, whenever I travelled, she would be like, aunty e ba mi ra bum short wa, then when I tell her that what?s her business with that; then she would reply with her slang lo roojonikansu.
What is the one thing you learnt from her?
Surely, that was the business idea thing, because my late mum would tell me that ?forget the fact that you own a degree from the best school, but, the most important thing is having a work of your own, which, I am proud of now and if ?money is not forthcoming from my movie projects; my business give me returns.
So what kind of business do you run?
I run a store, which I call Peak Me Reloaded. I started in Abule-Egba before opening another branch in Ojodu. I can also call it a one-stop shop because, in my store, you get stuffs ranging from party wears, shoes, bags, beads, jewellery, wines, assorted biscuits, Aso-Ebi amongst others.
How do you make time to run your business?
When I am not on set or a shopping spree, I stay in my shop from morning to night, just to see that my business is properly managed.
Would it be right to say that after your movie Kofo,the First Lady, you smiled to the bank?
Maybe, but at the end of it all, I was fulfilled, because it, really, brought out some inner abilities I have in movie production. It did very well in the market, compared to other stuffs that I have done in recent times. My fans really enjoyed it?and it is actually a continuation of my popular flick,entitled Kofo Tinubu.
What brought about the movie?
Well, people still find it difficult that it is not the real me in the movie; but it was just one of my acting skills that I showcased. The inspiration of Kofo, the First Lady,came at the time when I discovered that much had not been said about the physically challenged, whom I see the special people in the country. When one does not get close them, you don?t know how they feel. Kofo, the First Lady,as a movie is an eye opener that these special children can also be useful in the society, if given the opportunity.
Do you have one of them in your family?
Not at all, people keep saying that, but, the fact remains that I love them and that is the reason why I am speaking for them. You don?t say because you have one of them as a child, then you hide them from your friends, business associates and all that. I don?t have any of them as family member.
Didn?t you find it difficult interpreting the role?
It?s not an easy task playing such role, because, at the end of the entire production and release, I took ill and was admitted in the hospital. I thought it was something that I could just do easily, but, I had to put in extra effort in interpreting the role, especially, the areas of twisting my head, mouth and bending my legs. I had knee pains in the cause of doing that and, at the end of the day, the movie was widely accepted.
What is Lizzy Anjorin Foundation all about?
LAF, as I call it, is a non-governmental foundation targeted at putting smiles on the faces of the ?special children?, in terms of catering for their well-being and other stuffs and I believe, with God on my side, all things are possible.
What should we expect from you this year?
Expect nothing, but the best from me; I will be hitting location for some jobs, which are bumper packages; I implore my fans to keep their fingers crossed, as I don?t usually disappoint them.
How do you feel when people call you Egun?
I am always proud if fans call me that, because I cannot deny my origin, but, where problem will start is when you now speak the language to me and expect me to respond. It amazes people when I mention my Badagry name, which is Yenukunme, meaning ?in their presence, I will make it?.
Some months back, you moved into your Lekkihome and got a new Range Rover E-vogue ride?
Yes! (smiles), I moved into another apartment, got a new ride and I spoilt myself a bit, in essence, I will say its hard work that paved way for me and I am enjoying every bit of my work and several businesses, it is through the grace of God. Acting is not the only thing I do, I?m into supply of diesel, I?m into oil and gas, I sell richly embroidered kaftans to corporate executives and I have set up an outfit to handle my movie production.


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