Lesbians In A Popular Ghanaian Night Club,Accra

The biggest hypocrites in this life are Christians (that is what I think at least). We openly condemn and frown on things we perceive as sin and we show different faces behind closed doors. We are very quick to judge others and point accusing fingers.

I just laugh when people go for Evangelism to draw people to God, and the first thing they tell the ?sinner? is ?Do you know what you?re doing is a sin?? If we?ve already judged the person before bringing him or her to God, what is the probability that the person will embrace your Christ? You have already condemned the person to hell. Some Christians even have a clique of people they like to associate themselves with?

If you do this or that, it is a sin. You play Sarkodie, it is a sin; you dance Azonto, it is a sin. I have given people lift and they ask me if I don?t have any gospel songs to play, this is not right. You cannot impose your preference on anybody. The God we serve is not a man sitting somewhere. If you want to see God, He lives in us.

Before you call down the Holy Spirit/fire on my poor head, let me first say I am not a homosexual neither am I an advocate. Why are we so quick to condemn homosexuals? Yes, the bible says homosexuality is a sin, but it is neither our place to judge or admonish them. The Pastors most of us look up to and call them Papas and Daddys are being caught red handed practising homosexuality. After preaching against this sin, they hide and do the same thing they preach against. Some people have practiced lesbianism in their school days and they judge as if they don?t even know what lesbians do!

Since the nomination of Nana OyeLithur as Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection in Ghana, many individuals and bodies have raised objections on the grounds that she supports homosexuality. The International Council for Clergy is the latest body to raise their objection in Ghana. If the woman, who is married to the opposite sex, supports homosexuality, does it mean she is going to turn all children into homosexuals?

If I go into a shop and steal a lipstick tester and another person kills, we?ve all sinned; no sin is greater than the other. There is no special hell and condemned hell. We should stop being hypocrites and pocket lawyers. As Christians, we should learn to embrace everyone into the fold of Christ.

If you read the bible very well, God did not come for you the righteous one; he came for us the sinners. We should not use our negative attitude and judgemental way of life to draw people away from Christ. You may be surprised that on judgement day, the same people we call sinners, will be the first to enter into heaven.

The next time you?re about to stone the sinner, remember ?He without sin should cast the first stone.? I stand to be corrected on my view of Christians. You can add or subtract!


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