wpid-5-love.jpgIn most occasions we either find ourselves in the good company or vice versa.

Below is an alphabetical chart that could give you an idea about what to look out for in friends.

A= Avoid

B= Bad

C= Company

D= Don?t

E= Envy

F= Friends

G= Go for

H= Higher

I= Intentions

J= Just be

K= Kind-hearted

L= Like

M= Me

N= Believe in Next

O= Opportunities with

P= Patience

Q= Be Quotable

R= Respectful

S= Steadfast in the Lord and

T= Trust in

Y= Yourself

V= Vividly

W= Well

X= don?t be a Xenophobia

Y= stop Yammering

Z= and always be Zappy in life.???????


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