Whatever will bring Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to ridicule in the course of the 2019 election will come from within his kitchen cabinet. Sadly enough, his media hitman, Fejiro Oliver, is leading the way for the opposition to capitalize on.

Attempts by media aides to the Governor to reply him is always met with stiff resistance and exposure of their persons by his terrorist Secret Reporters. As an Ika man, we give it to Oliver as the arrowhead of the team that fought Fmr. Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan to standstill including his own UPU organisation, revealing the $1 million bribe given to them by Uduaghan. We concede that he has done so much for the Okowa government via his choosen path, just as others also did theirs.

His current macabre dance of turning against most of the governor’s appointees should call for worries to the government of the day. One is tempted to ask why the sudden turn against the government and the incessant media attack on anyone that enters his medium black book.
He cannot be feeding fat on the same government, pocketing millions meant for all Deltans and yet turn round to bring the government to ridicule at will, without caution. His Secret Reporters cannot be enjoying huge patronage running into millions from the governor and yet he turns the governor and his aides into a laughing stock for the opposition.

Deltans should know that Fejiro gets N2 million monthly from government house purse directly every month through his friend Hilary Ibegbuem, who’s the governor’s closest and trusted aide. Secret Reporters also gets N3 million as patronage every month from the governor, while the Commissioner for Information pays boys brought by him into the social media team Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira every month. In all, Fejiro and his team milk Delta of over N5 million monthly minus other perks he is showered it. In Asaba, he has no home but the government puts him in the best of hotels, feeds him and his guests and he can chose to stay for the whole year without the government stopping him. These are what Fejiro enjoys from Okowa.

What then does he really want? Apart from Delta State Government, where does Fejiro makes money to build a Pent House that he was lamenting collapsed and yet he rebuilt it. Is it the money he makes from Secret Reporters alone he uses in flying round the country? When his mother was down with cancer, it is the same Okowa that sponsored the treatment to the tune of N3 million. What does Fejiro really want?

For a mere journalist to earn more than Commissioners and yet still bites the fingers that feeds him whenever he wishes is best described as witchcraft of the highest order. No one in the State has been treated so well than him and if there is anything he owes the government; it should be undiluted loyalty. As a matter of fact, Secret Reporters should do to Okowa what Sahara Reporters does to Tinubu, by protecting him and all that pertains to him. What does Fejiro really want?

The opposition may have planted Fejiro as a mole in the government and paying him millions to give information out to them and dishing it out to the media. What else can make a supposed friend ridicule a man he calls his father? Which man deals with a government that has his own close friend as the most powerful man after the governor?

Secret Reporters has turned out as the official opposition medium to Okowa and the earlier this is defined; the best for the government. Okowa should call Fejiro to order or stop the perks he enjoys from the government. Fejiro should be made to realize that one single report or facebook post by him equals to ten of such negative reports and posts by the All Progressive Congress. If he doesn’t know, he should be tutored on media loyalty to the one who pays the piper.

The road to 2019 is very close and stumbling blocks like him and his medium should be called to order or plucked off completely from the scene of event. Delta North cannot afford to have a bumpy ride due to the mischief of an Urhobo journalist who sees nothing good in politicians except he’s paid to see good.

He has been given the money, accommodation, recognition and slots in government and should allow the governor and his aides have peace. He should be seen working for the re-election of Okowa than planting bomb miles on the way, which the opposition will root out when it matters most.

Hilary should call Fejiro Oliver to order now.

By: Felix Enurdi
Felix Enurdi is a public analyst and writes from Abuja.


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