In the current economic situation of financial crisis, companies tend to control their expenditure and this goes through reducing their printing budget. But, now with digital printing, companies can do short run print jobs and use high printing technologies such as variable data printing at low costs with the same quality as off-set printing.

Benefits of using a short-run printer

•  Print only what you need

A study showed that companies throw out about 30% of their printed materials because they become outdated or they do not use it. Using  short run printing will allow you to print exactly the quantity of materials you need even if it is a small amount.

•  Respect your budget

With short run digital printer, you reduce the cost of your printing process because you do not need to pay for the plates’ creation and set up.

Even if digital printing used to be more expensive than off-set printing, this is not the case anymore and short run printers offer very competitive prices even if you print a small amount of documents.

•  Be greener

Companies waste many tones of paper per year because they print large quantities of materials and they throw them out most of the time. Short-run digital printers allow you to print only the quantity of documents you need for the immediate future, at low cost. Short-run print jobs help you by this way to reduce your carbon footprint and to go green throwing les paper out.

•  Target your audience with variable data printing

Targeting your population into different market segments according to their sector, region or size is a key point to increase your direct mail response rate.

With variable data printing technologies you can personalise your message to your targeted audience and increase dramatically the return on investment of your direct mail campaign.

•  Drive your sales up with variable data printing

When the recipient receives a postcard or a leaflet with his name or any other information relative to his situation on it, he pays more attention to the communication because he is implied in the material at the beginning. By using variable data printing to print personalised information you increase your chances to be read by your recipients who will be surprised to see his name on it or of having an offer that corresponds exactly to his needs. Moreover, a personalised offer or discount can drive your recipient to buy your product because he will consider that you are doing this offer especially for him.

Short run and variable data printers are offering you the best printing technologies to print the exact quantity of marketing materials you need at low cost and they guarantee you the best printing quality available to run a successful direct mail campaign.

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