Offsite Data Backup

With the progress of digital age, the world is becoming more and more dependent on computer systems. Keeping company data, financial records, and administrative materials safe is an absolute necessity to keep the business going smoothly without any hindrance. Storing pertinent information on computer systems is a good alternative to physical file storage, but computer systems are also susceptible to damage and failure. If your computer happens to crash, it can result in loss of important information, which can be irrecoverable. Failing to back up the data can damage the reputation of your business as well as loss of revenue. Hence, it is necessary to have a business data backup to deal with any problem.

A number of alternatives for secure offsite data backup are available for a small business.

1. Setting up a collection of hard drives hidden in the home or office wall is a good option of data backup.

Information transfer is still online and it provides some sort of physical protection besides general security features.

2. Managed servers are another option for storing company’s vital information in another location. However, it requires a monthly fee.

Thus, these options turn out to be costly in terms of fees and hardware cost. Thankfully, a better solution exists in the form of online backup. Online business data backup offer a number of benefits.

Cost effective

 Since there is no need to buy hardware for storing data, it is the most cost effective way of data backup. Small businesses that are already running short of finance and space required for data storage are greatly benefited by onsite data backup.

Quick backup

 Online data back up is the quickest way of backup compared to traditional backups. Once online backup is in place, computers and servers can be scheduled for automatic backups as frequently as required. Online backup tool identifies both new as well as existing files and automatically backs up all the data as you go along your way.

Better security standards

 With military grade encryption and ensuring confidential company data remains private, online back up data storage assures higher safety and security to your important files. In case of any disaster, the data from the back up computer or server is restored and transferred to a new machine in no time.

Weighing the cost benefit ratio, it becomes clear that online business data backup is a superior solution compared to physical storage. It is efficient, economical and allows a business to keep running again even in the event of an onsite disaster.

When it comes to choosing a reliable onsite data backup storage, there is a need for a reliable provider that offers excellent services.

Etech7 is one of the best providers that offer the ioSafe solo for all data storage needs in a cost effective manner. Many businesses take the help of ioSafe Solo and Data Recovery Service to ensure that their memories, media, data etc are well protected against any possible threats.

Benefits of the Service

 The ioSafe Solo allows storage capabilities of 500 GB to 2 TB. It offer USB 2.0 connectivity and is compatible with all major operating systems. Combining sophisticated technology and appealing design, the ioSafe Solo offers incomparable level of water and fire protection for your important data. It protects the memories, media and pertinent data at an affordable price.

Thus, this digital solution is a step forward for safe data storage and any business enterprise, small or big, would be advised to switch over to this online business data backup solution.

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