Before embarking on the international travel, the knowledge of certain rules and regulations with respect to the airlines and the destination country is important. While you are looking for certain international flights, knowing these rules and regulations beforehand helps in deciding about the right airline and prevents hassles later on. Some of these rules and regulations are given below:

1. Baggage: The airlines have a baggage allowance for their passengers. This relates to the number and the weight of the baggage that can be allowed on-board the aeroplane. The airlines also pre-define the types and even the dimensions of luggage that can be kept on-hand during the flight.

2. Customs: While going abroad, there are two customs check through which one has to pass through.

This makes it necessary for you to know what all items in the baggage can be carried by you and which ones are not allowed, both in the domestic country as well as in the destination country. If you carry these items, even though unknowingly, you might be put through extensive checks and even questioning, leading to delay of or even aborting of your travel plans. So, the prohibited and the restricted items shall be known before boarding the international flights.

3. Time of arrival for boarding: In the wake of heightened security all over the world, the airlines and the customs require the passengers of the international flights to arrive at the airports at least a couple of hours earlier. The arrival time requirements might change from time to time. Therefore, it is pertinent to check the arrival time at airport at least a day before the time of departure of the flight.


Flight Cancellation and Refunds Policies: Flight cancellations, delays and re-routings are some of the common problems associated with the air travel. For delays and cancellations on their part, you need to check what compensation is provided by the company. This compensation could be in terms of the money to be refunded or even the additional services to be extended (such as provision of hotel stay in case of flight delays and re-routing). Further, if you do the cancellations, then you need to know what amounts will be refunded back by the airlines. Checking out these policy details while booking international air tickets holds a lot of importance when there are good chances that these situations might arise. These directly affect the money that you can get back or the additional facilities that you can expect to get from the airline.

5. Special requirements: If you want to carry people (disabled, old aged), things (paintings, artefacts, etc) and even animals (pets) having special requirements of their own, then knowing about these requirements for their air travel is important. There might be a need for health certificates and security clearances from authorised agencies or the provision for special arrangement has to be made by the airlines on the aircraft.

All this information can be gained online on the website of the airlines or of the designated authority. 

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