The right kind of physicians answering service can make a positive impact on any medical practice. Everyone would love to have their doctor on call twenty-four hours a day- whether it’s an emergency or just to have a question on your prescription clarified, it would be wonderful if you could reach your physician for these issues at any time of the day. Unfortunately, this just isn’t possible. If a doctor was on call twenty-four hours a day, their phone would never stop ringing! However, being able to reach a doctor during emergencies or just being able to schedule an appointment over the phone can be a huge benefit and convenience to patients. This is why medical answering services are a good idea, since they can handle all these issues and more. However, it’s also important to know exactly what kind of services you are signing up for.

More Harm than Good?

All too often, a client will read about a doctor’s answering service and feel that it is perfect for their practice.

On paper, these answer systems seem to have everything a client would want. In order to get the ball rolling as fast as possible, many clients will quickly sign the contract and fork over the money for these services. That’s when they realize what they really signed up for. All too often, the promises made on paper are very different from what the actual service provides. In some extreme cases, a bad answering service has actually frustrated patients – unhelpful automated messages, misrouted calls, missed callbacks, and mistakes made in noting down messages can cause much more harm than good.

In these cases, the reality of the physicians answering service is realized when it is already too late.

The client has already paid their fees and in many cases, will not be able to get a refund. Many answer companies will make the actual termination process very difficult and may even charge a termination fee. The client, who is already stuck with a bad answering service, has even more trouble trying to terminate the service! Thankfully, there is a smarter alternative for people who are looking for a telephone answer service.

Getting a Feel for your Answer Service

An answering service is something that might look great on paper, but you won’t really know how it works until you’ve tried it. This is the best way to get a real feel for how the system works and how your patients respond to it. There are medical answer services that allow clients to try the service out for a period of one month. If, after that time, they are not satisfied with the service, their money will be refunded.

This kind of physicians answering service often has a very simple termination process as well, which simply asks the client to give thirty days written notice. This kind of policy doesn’t just make things easier on the client, but also shows that the company has confidence in the quality of their service.

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