The Western Regional Directorate of the Rent Control Department recorded a marginal increase in cases in 2019 as against 2018.

A comprehensive report presented to the Ghana News Agency by the Senior Executive Officer, Mr Courage Cornelius Sonu, indicated that a total of 902 cases were recorded in 2019 as against 615 in 2018.


The cases involved, Nuisance, Recovery of Possession, Rent Arrears, Absconding, and Damage of Properties on the side of Landlords with Tenants reporting cases of inducement, Recovery refunds and Harassment from their Landlords.

He said a total of 700 cases were successfully settled in 2019 with 202 still pending whilst in 2018, a total of 505 cases were successfully settled with 110 unresolved.

Mr. Sonu said some cases were still pending because some complainants did not make follow ups on their cases.

He encouraged both landlords and tenants to endeavour to abide by rent regulations to enhance peaceful coexistence.


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