Kanye West wants his fianc?e Kim Kardashian to be immortalized. To do so, the rapper has recruited the help of a relative of Andy Warhol.

Monica Warhol, Andy?s cousin, has been commissioned by West to paint a portrait of Kanye?s baby?s mother. Warhol, who has painted other celebrities, including two different works of rapper Flo Rida, is excited to create an artistic version of the socialite.

?She?s an icon,? Monica told New York Post. ?She?s famous for nothing. Andy would have loved her. Kim is beautiful. She?s so manufactured. She looks like a human Barbie.?

Monica follows in Andy footsteps by creating silk-screen works based off of photographs. She did not learn the practice from Andy personally, however.

?I never studied Andy,? Monica said. ?I never owned a book about him until about a year ago.?

Monica has also painted portraits of twins Richard and Robery Dupont and is currently working on a Lenny Kravitz piece.

?It would be easier to get cancer, because there might be a cure,? Monica said. ?When you are an artist, that?s it. You can?t change it.?

West probably wants Kardashian to be immortalized by as a ?Warhol? because he thinks his relationship with her is inspirational.

?I can date a white woman. I can date a black woman, and no matter what they say in the barber shop don?t matter because I don?t get my haircut there,? West said on Washington D.C.?s 95.5 WPGC on Nov. 25. ?For the people that do though, there?s a white woman that?s getting talked down to by her friends because she?s dating a black guy. Now you?ve got a point of reference, you can say, ?Well, actually this couple right here, that?s dope.??

The Yeezus rapper says he will continue to follow his own artistic path.

?I only like doing things people won?t do,? he said. ?They?re less clich?. I can show you how you can take the power out of anything and how you can add power to anything.?

Source:  latinpost


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