The most exciting loyalty reward package for retail shopping will climax in Accra West on Republic Day when the curtain finally rolls down on the three-month long ‘Cruise down to West Hills Mall’ promotion.

On Saturday, July 1, the keys to a brand new Chevrolet Cruise Saloon car which has taunted patrons and customers at West Hills Mall for 91 days will be handed over to the luckiest of a group of shoppers fiercely vying to drive home the vehicle.

Since the ‘Cruise down to West Hills Mall’ promotion was launched in April, every customer who shopped to the tune of Ghc200 or more received incredible instant prizes, with thousands of shoppers going home with high value items like LED TV sets, blenders, kitchen microwaves and smart phones.

However, aside of the gift items which may be redeemed instantly, if shoppers were lucky to find the inscription “Cruise Finalist” on their scratch cards, they automatically qualified to participate in the final phase of the promotion – a thrilling game of nerves that will determine which shopper drives home the Ghc120,000 Chevrolet Cruise car.
By the closing date of Friday, June 30, a small group of lucky shoppers would have qualified to participate in the final game, but only one of them will eventually snatch away the keys to the car on Saturday, July 1.

“Even so, all the other finalists who may not be lucky enough to win the car will take home some exciting consolation prizes. You see, what makes this promo far more exciting than others is that, it has been designed to ensure that every shopper at West Hills Mall is a winner. Each one of the scratch cards issued to our shoppers doing Ghc200 or more bears a prize which they redeem instantly,” said Marketing Manager, Michael Oduro Konadu.

Instant prize winnings by customers was abundantly confirmed at the mall on the Ed-al-Fitr holiday as hundreds of shoppers kept winning and redeeming one prize after another.
“This is awesome! We just came to buy provisions of Ghc250 for the house and look what we got,” said a jubilant Frantz Asamoah, a young technician who lives in Dzorwulo, as he and his fiancée tugged away a Samsung LED television set he had just won.

Saturday will be an exciting finish for this promo and it will be full of suspense. All qualified finalists will be here at the mall. At an open ceremony in the hallway, they will randomly select personal numbers and will be asked to pick sealed envelopes from letter-boxes randomly assigned to those numbers. Only one envelope will have the keys to the car and any of the shoppers who finds the key will drive the car home,” said Konadu.

West Hills Mall, Ghana’s leading destination for family shopping and recreation, has built a strong reputation for adding value to the shopping experience of its patrons, regularly rewarding customer loyalty by introducing a variety of exciting promotions. On the record, this would be the third time in just two years that West Hills Mall has put up a brand new vehicle as prize for loyal customers and shoppers.

In May 2015, Kwame Oware, a 29 year old broadcast journalist with Pink FM, won a KIA Rio Saloon car after spending just Ghc230 on provisions for his mother in West Hills Mall’s ‘Shop N Win’ Promo and just last November, Francis Mensah, an electronics dealer from Osu drove away a brand new Chevrolet Sparkle Light Saloon car after spending only Ghc150 at the mall.
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